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Committed To Breaking Barriers, Creating Families

Egg donation, surrogacy, gestational carrier, embryo donation – all have become accepted means to treating special fertility challenges. Yet many couples hesitate to pursue third-party parenting because it is a newer, more complicated process. Our commitment:

  • RSC pledges its support throughout the process, from providing referrals for the best agencies for donors, surrogates, and gestational carriers, legal and psychological support, and coordinating the finest care for all involved.
  • RSC doctors realize the physiological and psychological concerns of all prospective parents are pretty much the same. RSC considers procreation a natural human desire and parenting a fulfilling spiritual experience.
  • The June 2008 California Supreme Court decision to allow gay couples to marry only strengthened RSC’s commitment to provide the finest fertility care available to gay and lesbian families from California and abroad.
  • RSC agrees with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine ethics committee’s statement that it is their “ethical duty to treat single persons and gay and lesbian couples equally with married couples… we find no sound ethical basis for licensed professionals to deny reproductive services to unmarried or homosexual persons.”