Alone in my Office – NIAW Series


Alone in my office, I let out a small yelp. Then a loud “Yes!”

Immediately, I had two nurses and one front desk staff at my door.

They knew I wasn’t in distress; they knew it was good news. They wanted to know who had gotten pregnant. It was 11:45am and the pregnancy results were posted in the computer – one of our dearest patients had a spectacular HCG result. She was finally pregnant. We were all jumping up and down in excitement for her.

“She was not alone.”

At times in this journey, I’m sure she felt that way- alone. I have known her for a long time. She froze eggs while waiting for Mr. Perfect. Then found Mr. Perfect but still couldn’t get pregnant. Then had a miscarriage.

But through the entire journey she collected friends – friends at the front desk, friends from the nursing staff, friends from the embryology lab, and friends in the business office. All of the doctors loved her and the entire practice got to celebrate with her. Her dreams were finally coming true. She had the patience and persistence to never give up and the wisdom to include others in her struggle. By including others she drew strength and hope from them on her down days. And by including others, we all got to share in a piece of her joy on the best day. What a gift to us all.

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