SART Unveils New Tool To Calculate IVF Success


SART released an online calculator for patients to predict their chances of IVF success

The Society for Reproductive Technology (SART) has accumulated data since 2006 from SART fertility clinics to create an online tool for patients to calculate their chances of pregnancy and of multiples birth from IVF.

The calculator allows patients to enter some basic statistics such as age, weight, and infertility diagnosis and it will present them with information about how likely they will be able to have a child in 1, 2, or 3 IVF cycles. It also allows them to see how transferring more than 1 embryo will affect their chances of getting twins or triplets.

RSC is committed to giving patient accurate statistics about their chances. While we want to do this in a compassionate, hopeful way (anyone could be in the 1% that has success!), we also want patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their situation and to make good choices. We are also committed to helping patients have healthy families—and since twins and triplets are associated with higher risks, we are one of the leading clinics in the nation for elective single embryo transfer (eSET). When you meet with an RSC physician, we can talk you through our own center’s statistics and help you choose the right number of embryos to maximize your success in creating a healthy pregnancy.

So feel free to use the online calculator to start the learning process, then make an appointment to talk to a RSC physician and let us help tailor an IVF program perfect for building your family.

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