Preparing for Egg Freezing


In the past month, we have seen a great deal of excitement and media attention about egg freezing (fertility preservation). There are even “Egg Freezing” parties!

Egg freezing clearly offers women another option toward their family planning. One area I have not seen discussed, however, is how to advise and help a woman prepare for egg freezing.

I strongly advocate for pre-conceptional preparation for all individuals (both women and men) planning to become pregnant. The 3-6 months before conception can profoundly influence the success of the resulting pregnancy. We routinely advise optimizing wellness, achieving a healthy weight, managing chronic conditions, and lifestyle modifications. In women considering egg freezing, these same recommendations should also hold true.

12 suggestions for preparing for an elective egg freezing cycle

  1. Plan Ahead! At least 3 -6 months, if possible.
  2. Complete a health assessment and obtain screening tests, as indicated.
  3. Discuss with your healthcare provider all medications, supplements and OTC products your are using.
  4. Make sure any current medical conditions are under control before you start your egg freeze cycle.
  5. Emphasize a healthy diet. Increase whole grains and fresh fruits/vegetables. Avoid processed foods, excess refined sugars and saturated fats. Drink plenty of fresh, filtered water.
  6. Take a Folic Acid supplement: 400-800 mcg daily. A good Multi-Vitamin will provide additional antioxidants to your diet.
  7. Try to achieve a healthy body weight.
  8. If you smoke- STOP!
  9. Limit alcohol consumption to 4 or fewer servings weekly (servings: Beer–12 oz; wine-5 oz; Hard liquior-1.5oz). Avoid binge drinking.
  10. Avoid environmental factors (chemicals, especially plastics-BPA & Phthalates-radiation, pesticides, and pollution).
  11. Moderate-intensity exercise 5 times weekly.
  12. Maintain a healthy sleep pattern. Practice stress management.

I hope these ideas will be useful to all women planning on egg freezing. By adapting a healthy lifestyle now, you will ensure the best opportunity for a successful pregnancy in the future- whether you conceive on your own or through the utilization of your thawed eggs.

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