Advantages Of A Team Approach To Providing Infertility Care


At RSC we offer a team approach to your care. We have six physicians and it is always helpful to have multiple people’s input on complicated infertility situations. In addition to having your primary designated physician (who is ultimately responsible for decisions in your care), each patient is assigned to a medical assistant or nurse as their primary contact for treatment at RSC. Though you will likely have contact with multiple physicians and staff, your primary physician is the one who will, together with you, make decisions in your care at RSC.

Every morning at 8 a.m. physicians meet with the IVF Lab embryology staff to discuss patients who have embryos in the laboratory to make decisions regarding when to do the embryo transfer (day 3 or day 5), how many embryos to transfer, and freezing of embryos. These recommendations are then discussed with the patient.

Every day between 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. we have what is called “Team Meeting.” At that time we get input from all RSC physicians as well as IVF Lab staff about patients who are currently in a treatment cycle. We discuss and decide on different aspects of patient’s daily results and care. That way our patients get the benefit of many years of experience and slightly different viewpoints about their infertility treatment.

All of our patient records and in cycle treatment, ultrasounds, laboratory testing, and embryology lab reporting are kept in an unique electronic medical record program called ARTworks (proprietary to infertility practices in the Integramed Network). Extensive testing and continuous modification of this program is ongoing to provide the best electronic medical record available for infertility patients. This helps quality control and is another one of the many checkpoints in our center to prevent any errors. All of our offices have simultaneous access to your records and cycle, so that you can be seen in any office and all physicians will know what is happening in your treatment cycle.

We feel that this approach to care provides patients with the best individualized care plan as well as extensive experience and review that will give patients the best care and success rates.

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