IVF & Fertility Treatment

Cryostorage Tank Safety & Monitoring at RSC


Our hearts go out to the patients whose frozen embryos, sperm or eggs may have been damaged by the recent cryostorage tank malfunctions at two different fertility clinics. Here’s how RSC takes great care in storing and caring for your frozen embryos, eggs and sperm.

“Why I Don’t Want to See a Fertility Doctor”


Dr. Reid describes her friend’s very real reasons why she – and others – are hesitant about seeking help from a fertility doctor. Here are some of the common reservations, and the reasons why it might be time to reconsider them.

365 Days in a Fertility Clinic


Honoring National Infertility Awareness Week, RSC andrologist Evelyn Elnar writes about her transition from viewing infertility as a mere diagnosis to becoming acutely aware of it as a complex emotional journey.