Fertility Access IVF Cost Discount Programs

Giving patients more choices to lower IVF cost

In vitro fertilization (IVF) fertility treatment can be stressful and draining, and RSC wants to help make sure patients can focus on getting pregnant and having a baby, rather than on paying for it. That is why we are proud to partner with Fertility Access, which offers several IVF cost refund and multi-cycle discounts for patients.

Logo of Fertility Access, a RSC IVF cost discount program | RSC of the SF Bay AreaWe are excited to offer the Fertility Access financial assistance programs. We encourage those with infertility needing IVF and LGBTQ+ patients requiring IVF reproductive services to consider these programs.

They can offer significant savings and peace of mind, should treatment prove unsuccessful. Depending upon the program chosen and their treatment plan, patients can save up to 40% by bundling fees. And 80% of participants who complete the Fertility Access Program have a baby.

How Fertility Access helps patients control IVF costs & have peace of mind

Fertility Access’ IVF Refund Program and Multi-Cycle Program give patients choice and control over their IVF costs. These are easy to understand options that minimize IVF patients’ financial risk, offering the following benefits.

Improved chance of pregnancy. It often takes more than one IVF cycle, and these program options allow people to continue with IVF after one try, increasing their chance of success.

The IVF cost is set and known before treatment begins. Usually, in order to try IVF a second time, the patient has to pay a second time.

Lower cost per IVF cycle if more than one attempt is necessary through the Multi-Cycle Program.

For those with no insurance coverage for IVF or little insurance coverage, these programs are very beneficial. Fertility Access works with individuals to get the most out of whatever insurance they do have.

IVF treatment plans are unaffected by a patient’s choice to utilize one of these programs.

Eligibility guidelines help keep these programs affordable, and can include age, medical history and other criteria for participants.

A time frame of 36 months for completion of the program is generally expected.

A Fertility Access Concierge assists each patient with all aspects of the programs.

Provides for unlimited frozen embryo transfers when frozen embryos are left over from an IVF cycle.

There is no cost to apply and no obligation to enroll.

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IVF discount program options

100% IVF Refund Program, 3 cycle option

  • Includes 3 retrievals and unlimited frozen embryo transfers.
  • This program provides ultimate peace of mind knowing that you will either successfully take home a baby or receive a full refund.

50% IVF Refund Program, 2 cycle option

  • Includes 2 retrievals and unlimited frozen embryo transfers.
  • If you don’t take home a baby, you will receive a 50% refund of your program fee.

Multi-Cycle Discount Program

  • Choose to include either 2 or 3 retrievals and unlimited frozen embryo transfers.
  • All IVF patients qualify for this bundled discount program.

How to enroll

  1. Speak with a Fertility Access concierge at 1-800-USF-9203 to review the best program for your unique treatment situation, learn about eligibility, and to get a financial estimate.
  2. RSC will submit any necessary clinical information to Fertility Access on our patient’s behalf.
  3. Review program contract.
  4. Sign and submit the contract, along with the one-time discount program fee.