Creating Life: The Stories Behind Egg Donation at RSC

The honor of helping create families

Rachael Dupuis, RSC third-party case manager, said that the best aspect of her position is seeing the final results. “A lot of times, they’ll bring their babies in or show us pictures, and I think that that’s why we do it, to see people make their dreams of having a family come true,” she said.

“The most rewarding part is getting the pictures about nine or ten months later after working with someone for a year or two years, and seeing the end result, which is a family. It’s a huge honor to be a part of being able to create families for people.”

RSC’s program continually seeks donors, particularly from Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern ethnicities, since patients oftentimes travel from around the world to receive treatment at RSC. Women interested in learning more about donation can call Macy Shoenthaler at 925-973-5018 or apply online.

Hope, for donated embryos – donor perspective

“It really is an individual journey for each person,” said Mahshid Albrecht. “At RSC, patients choose their own particular path to create their ideal family.”

Each pregnancy that occurs at RSC has a unique story behind it. Here are a few stories of from people who participated in our program.

*Note: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of RSC patients.

Kelly's Egg Donor Experience

Kelly decided to donate, because she believes in alternative families as well as the mission and results of the Reproductive Science Center.