Photo Album Waiver

By submitting my entry, I agree to authorize RSC Bay Area and its affiliates to edit, publish, display, and use my entry, which includes (if authorized) my first name, my spouse/partner’s first name, the first name of my child/children, and the attached photographs.

I understand that RSC Bay Area may release this information to other social media sites, to its website, and to any other company that promotes RSC Bay Area, including, without limitation, to any news media, all of whom may not be subject to the same federal health privacy laws.

I additionally understand that, once published or released, RSC Bay Area has no control over who views or uses the information. I further understand that RSC Bay Area cannot condition treatment or payment on whether I submit this information and that my healthcare or payment for healthcare will not be affected by my refusal. I also understand that submitting my photograph(s) does not entitle me to any monetary or other compensation.

By submitting this entry, this authorization shall remain in effect until such time as I revoke the use of this information, which I can do at any time by submitting a written revocation to RSC Bay Area, and will be effective upon receipt by RSC Bay Area.