Recruiting Egg Donors

Now Recruiting Out-of-State Egg Donors

Enjoy a trip to the Bay Area on us and earn $9,500

Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area is looking for healthy, non-smoking women aged 20-31 for our in-house egg donation program. It’s a wonderful chance to help another person to have a child.

Qualifying egg donors are greatly appreciated and compensated up to $9,500, plus travel, hotel and food stipends for you and a friend.

Become an egg donor

If you are interested, please complete the egg donor pre-screen application*:

Egg Donor Application

We review all pre-screen applications. Candidates who meet all criteria will receive an email that invites them to continue the application process.

*Note: the application form works best on a large screen or desktop computer.

How you can help

Not all women will produce an egg that will result in pregnancy, due to age, health conditions or unexplained infertility. For these women, donor eggs are an excellent option for attempting pregnancy.

The first step towards egg donation is understanding the process.


  • Women aged 20-31
  • Non-smoker
  • BMI of 29 or less
  • High school graduate

More on the Egg Donor Process

Why donate at RSC?

At RSC, all egg donor testing and procedures occur in our facilities. You are cared for by our expert team of physicians and staff, who greatly appreciate the commitment you’ve made to help another person or couple build a family.

Our staff also strives to keep donors informed at every stage of the egg donor process. We’ll let you know right away if you qualify for our program.

Past egg donors have been so happy with RSC that they’ve opted to donate again! Egg donors can also earn more during a second donation cycle.

Read an Egg Donor Success Story


If you qualify, the Reproductive Science Center will pay for your flight, arrange accommodations at a hotel near our facility and provide a food stipend for you and a friend. Donors often spend their free time exploring the Bay Area, including San Francisco highlights such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Compensation for egg donors is $9,500.

Questions? Contact Us Online

Testimonials from our past donors

It has been a pleasure working with the staff at RSC. I appreciate all that you guys have done to bless my life as well, and for allowing me to bless the lives of families in need … Knowing how much it means to them makes it that much more rewarding for me.

– Jenny *

I want to thank all of you guys for giving me this opportunity to help others. It was a wonderful experience. It brings me so much happiness knowing that others will have a chance at being able to have cute little babies of their own … Everyone at RSC has been amazing.

– Narnita *

*  Names have been changed to protect our donors’ privacy.