International Egg Donor Recipients

RSC’s international egg donor recipients program provides ease of access to affordable donated eggs that are not widely available in many parts of the world.

RSC has streamlined the treatment process for international patients so few trips to our San Ramon clinic are required. Given the logistics and need for precise communication, our team will coordinate the entire experience for you. Many international couples are now enjoying pregnancy and parenthood as a result of this program.

RSC’s International Egg Donor Recipients Program began in response to increased interest from infertility patients abroad who were seeking donor eggs. We designed our program to help patients overcome some of the barriers of seeking treatment abroad, with result of offering maximum success rates, affordable treatment, and minimal travel.

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Why international donor recipients choose RSC

  • Nationally and internationally recognized program of excellence.
  • No wait for donors; treatment can be initiated within a few months.
  • RSC’s online donor registry features pre-screened donors who have already qualified for RSC highest donation standards. RSC’s in-house program has multi-ethnic donors including women of Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern ancestry. They are local, fully screened and ready to participate, and exclusive to our program.
  • Formalized treatment coordination with your home clinic.
  • Streamlined treatment program requires only one or two trips to San Francisco, including free two-night stay at the HYATT House Hotel in San Ramon (only one-half mile from our San Ramon clinic). (See our Travel & Lodging page.)
  • Ease of access; RSC is close to three international airports.
  • Pregnancy rates: 79 percent clinical pregnancy rate/transfer in 2013.
  • Affordability – in addition to traditional egg donation treatment, RSC offers a unique financing program for egg donor recipients.

Typical process for international patients

  • Program overview with RSC Donor Program Manager. The Liaison stays with you through the process and is your primary point of contact for logistical questions or concerns.
  • Telephone consultation with a RSC physician.
  • Two-day visit to RSC inclusive of visit with RSC physician, mock trial cycle, psychological support consultation, sperm freeze, and introduction to your nursing team who will be the point of contact for clinical questions or concerns.
  • This begins a two-month process whereby care is coordinated with your local clinic and your portion of the treatment is administered locally while the donor is prepared for donation at RSC.
  • Return visit to RSC is necessary only for embryo retrieval and transfer. This visit typically lasts five to seven days.

Travel & lodging

Patients come to Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area from around the country and the world. Three major airports, train service and metro rail, make it convenient to travel here. A wide range of accommodations to meet your lodging needs are located only a short driving distance from our San Ramon clinic, including hotels, motels, and suites with cooking facilities. The Bay Area is world-renowned for its natural beauty, museums, fine restaurants, and diverse cultural activities, so you will be able to find lots to do while you are here.

Visit our Travel & Lodging page for more information.

Specialized team care

To meet the complex needs of managing donor egg cycles, RSC has an entire team of healthcare professionals devoted specifically to the Donor Egg program.

RSC’s specialty focus on donation allows us to provide high-quality, personalized donor egg treatment to couples locally, nationally and internationally. RSC performs over 600 IVF cycles on an annual basis, of which approximately 100 are donor cycles.

Highest medical practice standards

RSC’s Donor Egg Program meets the strict guidelines set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) as well as the quality standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).