Treatment for Gay Couples

Reproductive Science Center (RSC) is committed to helping male couples who want to have their own biological children. Success depends on various factors, including the health and fertility of those providing the sperm and eggs and carrying the pregnancy, as well as the experience and skill of the physicians and embryologists overseeing the procedures.

Family Building for Gay Couples | Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area

Sperm provider

One or both partners can provide sperm to inseminate the eggs. The sperm provider(s) will undergo FDA mandated screening and testing. This can be done in our San Ramon office and involves a physical exam, blood work and completion of a Health Screening questionnaire. In addition, the sperm provider(s) will produce a semen sample to be frozen for use in the actual treatment cycle.

Egg donor

An egg donor may be known to the couple, or anonymous. RSC maintains a number of egg donors from a pool of screened, racially diverse, anonymous donors.  We can also direct you to a number of egg donor agencies if that works best for you. All donors, known or anonymous, must be screened and tested as mandated by the FDA. Donor testing may be done in either our San Ramon or Orinda office.

Gestational carrier (Surrogate)

A gestational carrier (also referred to as a surrogate) is a woman who will carry the pregnancy for you, but has no genetic relationship to the baby as her egg was not used to create the pregnancy. Gestational Carriers go through screening and testing (in this case not mandated by the FDA) including review of her pregnancy and delivery history. The gestational carrier (and her partner if applicable) and the couple will meet with a counselor to discuss topics that are not clinical or legal in nature. There are many agencies that specialize in matching couples with a gestational carrier; we can provide you with several options if needed.


Separate legal representation is required for you and your GC. An attorney will set up an account for compensation for the GC and is responsible for ensuring that medical insurance has been arranged for the GC. The attorney also ensures that all parties are aware of issues that may arise and facilitates discussions related to how these may be resolved. We can provide referrals for attorneys who specialize in Family Building or Third Party Parenting.

Additional information

For more information about third-party family building for gay couples, read Donor Concierge’s Men’s Guide to Making Babies.

The Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area is a leading pioneer in infertility treatments including IVF with egg donation and LGBTQ family building. We’ll work with you to help you achieve your dreams of having a baby.

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