Donor Egg Bank Brings Double Success


She walked out of our office smiling, looking at her admiring husband with a bit of “we can handle this together”. She was glowing that glow you get from being pregnant and dreaming of the future. She was pregnant with twins at 9 weeks and her biggest concern at the moment was how to find an OB who would let her deliver vaginally. Her first child was delivered by a midwife, at term, after a simple IUI at age 43. And she had a load of confidence that this pregnancy would go well too.

She was an early adopter- meaning she was willing to embrace new technology. And in this case the technology was Egg Banking. She received 6 eggs from a donor through the Donor Egg Bank, USA (DEBUSA) and chose to transfer 2 healthy embryos created with her husband’s sperm and placed into her uterus at Reproductive Science Center. This new technology allowed her to skip the long synchronization phase with traditional egg donors; it allowed her to choose the day of her transfer (and arrange childcare ahead of time); it allowed her to choose from a larger pool of donors to find one she felt had the qualities similar to her and what she wanted to pass on to her child. While it still took her some time to decide to use an egg donor rather than try again with her own eggs, she knew the miscarriage rate at age 45 and the chance of having a chromosomal problem from her own eggs was so high that she chose an egg donor to give this next pregnancy the best chances of being successful. It also allows her to give her firstborn the siblings that would make this couple one big happy family.

And that is what they are… one big happy family, able to sing the praises of medical innovation and technological advancements. This was egg banking science tailored to their needs, their time line, their hopes and dreams for the future. What a time we live in!

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