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We have a long history of conducting key studies and clinical trials that have advanced the practice of reproductive medicine

Please see our active trials and research studies as we continue to strive to develop the best possible treatments for our patients. To learn more information and if you qualify for a study, please contact your physician or your clinical team.

Active clinical trials & research studies

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Recently completed research studies

LOTUS study

This study is called the Alife Hera System as an Adjunctive Tool for the Prioritization of Embryos Deemed Suitable for Transfer: A Randomized Controlled Study. The purpose of the study aimed to see whether the adjunctive use of the Hera System with embryos already deemed suitable for transfer is non-inferior to trained embryologists using standard morphology criteria alone in clinical pregnancy rate, defined as fetal heartbeat at 6-8 weeks.

The Hera System uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze the most suitable embryo for transfer. The results from the study will help researchers to analyze the pregnancy outcomes and understand the impact AI has on embryo selection, ultimately advancing the field of in vitro fertilization.

An estimated 450 people participated. Stay tuned for publication of the research findings.


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