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Until very recently the technology for freezing eggs was not well developed. In the past few years, the technique of vitrification, or rapid freezing of eggs, has improved success with frozen eggs.

In the past when a woman needed an egg donor, she would have to find a donor who met her requirements, wait while that donor was screened, and then synchronize her cycle with the donor’s cycle. This process could often take 3-6 months or more.

Our center has collaborated with some of the most successful fertility centers in the United States to launch a bank of frozen donor eggs, Donor Egg bank USA.

There are many advantages to this approach over the traditional egg donation cycle (fresh eggs):

  1. Little or no wait to find and select a donor – with many donors of varied profile in the egg bank, wait time should be much shorter than the traditional model.
  2. No need to synchronize donor and recipient’s cycle. This allows the recipient to proceed with the treatment on her own time table.
  3. Lower cost than traditional model, because the expense of a donor’s cycle can be shared between multiple recipients.
  4. Wider donor selection. Donors of all ethnicities and backgrounds from all over the country will provide eggs for the egg bank.

Women looking for an egg donor who use the Donor Egg Bank USA will be able to acquire a “lot” of 5-7 mature eggs. These eggs will be immediately available for use. After the recipient has had her screening and is ready to proceed with treatment, her uterine lining will be prepared and when it is optimal the eggs will be thawed and fertilized. The egg bank guarantees that mature eggs will be available from the thaw for sperm insemination. If there is not at least one good embryo for transfer, a new cycle will be provided at no additional cost. Financial options are even available for a 100% Assured Refund Plan; either deliver a baby or your money refunded.

The state of the art technology used by the fertility centers that have collaborated with Donor Egg Bank USA has been tested for the past 3 years. 118 recipients have had donor eggs thawed from this new technology. 88% of eggs thawed have survived the thaw. 78% of eggs inseminated with sperm have fertilized. Only 2 out of 118 recipients did not have any embryos to transfer. 53% of embryos transferred resulted in a pregnancy, and 47% have either delivered or are past 3 months into the pregnancy. These success rates are somewhat lower than fresh egg donation cycles in our center, but at a lower cost, and greater convenience.

Using frozen donor eggs from Donor Egg Bank USA is likely not the best option for all recipients. But the significant advantages may rapidly make this technology the method of choice for women looking for an egg donor.

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