A Fresh Start to Tackle Infertility Emotional Health


New Year, new way to manage the stress of infertility

Women hugging and sharing infertility emotional health solutions | RSC of the San Francisco Bay AreaJust the sound of this gets me excited. Why am I always ready to redo myself? I think I just need a jump start to put into action all the things that float around in my head every day. So, January is the perfect time to forgive myself and others for past failings and move ahead to a brighter tomorrow.

If you are at all like me, then I have just the right way to start: Organic Conceptions.

Embrace Organic Conceptions for better emotional health

As many of you are aware, RSC has partnered with Organic Conceptions to provide infertility emotional health support to our patients and staff in the journey to help patients become families. There is a great series of online tutorials called Nutrition and Lifestyle for Fertility. If processing all the emotional waves of your journey seems like jumping in the deep end, then check out this series of lectures, which is more like splashing through the tide as it rolls up on the beach.

The Nutrition section is broken down into five modules that range from Nutritional Foundations and Fueling Your Body to Environmental Toxins. I absolutely love the lessons in environmental toxins as this is new information since my medical training. It jives with all the key principles I started to learn when helping my sister deal with a cancer diagnosis.

And might I remind you that perfection is not the goal. It is all about moving along a continuum towards a healthier, happier you.

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For me, that means restarting the CoQ10 and vitamin D sitting in my drawer. Then recycling all the plastic containers I have been reusing, ordering the dryer balls (and throwing away the dryer sheets) and picking up aluminum-free deodorant at the grocery. And when I run out of my face cream, I’ll buy more organic next time. Each little step makes a healthier platform for all the things I hope to accomplish this year.

Join me! If you have not received your free subscription to Organic Conceptions, please reach out to your case manager for the QR code. We want you to thrive in 2022.

About RSC’s partnership with Organic Conceptions

  • All RSC patients receive lifetime access to Organic Conceptions, with full access to cognitive-behavioral therapy courses, private online community and live group coaching (a $250 value).
  • An emotional health and quality of life assessment is provided for men and women.
  • Analysis is provided in a confidential, individualized report, with guidance and recommendations to maximize the pregnancy journey.