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Naturopathic Medicine has a few basic tenets that seem almost common sense. Use of natural substances (such as herbal medicine, nutrition, and homeopathy) to help rebalance the body and allow for the healing force to heal itself is the ideal. Naturopathic Doctors are trained in 4-6 year medical programs that integrate eastern and western medicine.

While Western Medicine is primarily focused on diagnosis, followed by “fixing” the problem, Naturopathic Medicine is focused on discovering the root cause. Many people consider Western Medicine to be a proficient band-aid. Western Medicine does have many advantages such as the advance of technology that allows doctors to help with things that even a hundred years ago may have appeared miraculous.

Naturopathic Doctors fulfill a very different need however. They consider it fundamentally important to understand the functions and pathways of the body and intimately understand hormones that can affect health and wellness. In addition to this foundation, however, Naturopathic Medicine also includes training in natural modalities for supporting the vital force of the body to heal. These therapies vary from Naturopathic doctor to doctor, as different practitioners focus on different therapies. A majority of NDs do practice herbal medicine, functional medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, energy healing, and more.

Infertility is a complex diagnosis with many potential underlying causes. Naturopathic Doctors are particularly proficient in helping uncover a deep underlying cause that may not be obvious. Because Naturopathic Medicine views the body in a holistic way with a myriad of connections (that could be deemed otherwise unrelated), it is easy for NDs to recognize the deeper issues that may be contributing to a couple’s inability to conceive.

Some of the common underlying causes with infertility have to do with:

Polycystic ovaries:

PCO is usually diagnosed by OBGYNs or NDs, and the conventional treatment is effective. However, Naturopathic Medicine offers effective, natural solutions that are equally, if not more effective.

Thyroid imbalances:

Whether it’s autoimmune thyroiditis or hypothyroidism, a dysfunctional thyroid can contribute to other hormonal imbalances and inability to conceive. Even more so, there is noted evidence that a consistently low body temperature is not beneficial to support healthy conception and carrying to term.

Adrenal fatigue:

Overt hypoadrenalism is only diagnosed by blood test and can be diagnosed by MDs or NDs. However, there is a whole host of subtle adrenal imbalances that Naturopathic Doctors can diagnose through saliva testing and treat effectively with herbs and nutrition. These low level adrenal imbalances are generally not detected by conventional doctors but can really play a role in healthy conception. You can view the adrenals as your life force energy, that get run down by stress. And, if there are low levels of adrenal reserve, how can there by enough life force energy to carry a child?

Autoimmune reactions:

Though these are diagnosable through blood tests, they are not markers frequently utilized by conventional doctors, so often, Naturopathic Doctors can fill this need of recognizing that an autoimmune reaction may be at play with infertility, and can treat it effectively with integrative medicine.

Environmental toxins:

The environment is a big factor in couples with infertility and most reproductive endocrinologists are well aware of the implications of toxins on infertility. Naturopathic Doctors are well-trained to assist in detoxification and education on guarding against the impact of environmental toxins.

These are a few of the most common underlying causes of infertility and hence, Naturopathic Doctors -especially those that are experts in treating infertility naturally- make a crucial partner of your fertility team. Whether you choose to go the IVF route, or want to conceive naturally, consulting a Naturopathic, Holistic, Fertility Specialist is advisable.

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