Giving Hope Program

Need a little help on the path to parenthood?

We’re passionate about helping to build families, but we know that sometimes cost can be an obstacle.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the Giving Hope Program to assist families who need a helping hand.

The Giving Hope Program offers a 15% discount to patients with no insurance coverage and limited personal resources for out-of-pocket expenses.

Fertility treatment procedures included in the program are a traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle, a donor egg IVF cycle, and a donor egg and gestational carrier IVF cycle.

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Breaking Barriers, Building Families

Since 1983, we have pioneered fertility treatment for every kind of family. We want to help you achieve your dream of having a baby.

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To be considered for the Giving Hope Program, patients must meet the following criteria

Eligibility criteria

    • Have an annual income at or below the RSC-BA Giving Hope Program criteria.*
    • Provide the last two years of United States federal tax returns to establish an average annual household income. Household incomes are calculated by county and updated annually.
    • Complete an initial consultation by an RSC physician prior to applying.
    • Patient must meet normal medical criteria for desired treatment as determined by an RSC physician.
  • Patient must be uninsured or denied insurance coverage for the infertility treatment required.
  • Program application and approval must be finished prior to pre-Lupron or baseline sonogram completion and cycle payments made prior to baseline.
  • Patient seeking treatment with donor must be under the age of 51.
  • Patient must re-qualify annually by April 15. Updated tax return information is required for re-qualification.

*Annual income maximums for assistance consideration are below.

County Single Income Joint Income
Alameda $39,042 $79,831
Contra Costa $40,792 $82,881
Monterey $25,947 $60,889
Napa $38,057 $74,609
San Francisco $63,283 $87,701
Santa Clara $46,034 $101,173
Stanislaus $22,915 $51,591
San Joaquin $22,915 $51,591
San Mateo $50,262 $98,546
Solano $30,251 $69,227
Sonoma $35,639 $66,833

*subject to update annually. Please refer to the Giving Hope website for the most current information.

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