Egg Donor FAQs

Why should I choose the RSC’s in-house Egg Donor program?

Since its establishment in 1983, the Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area has created one of the country’s most experienced and highly successful Egg Donor Programs. RSC is proud to announce that our Donor Program has become the largest in-house, fully-screened egg donor program in the Bay Area.

Donors and Recipients are seeking out our practice because our Donor Program has become so successful! We treat all our patients (donors and recipients) with the highest quality of care and it truly shows. This last year we had over an 80% pregnancy success rates using donor eggs, some of the highest success rates in the country.

All RSC Program Donors are fully screened and successfully cleared as donors before being matched. This is highly beneficial both for donors and recipients because donors are already approved and ready to go, allowing for more timely cycles! Our goal is to get donors and recipients matched as quickly and efficiently as possible so that we can help you to continue on your journey of helping to build and create families.

How do I start the process to be an egg donor?

The Donor Program application process starts with a short online application. Click here to begin filling out your application.

Once your short application is accepted, you will complete the long application with your personal and family health history and background information. From there we will guide you quickly through the screening process consisting of 5 easy steps; this screening takes about 4-6 weeks. After you pass the screening process and are approved and eligible as a donor, your anonymous profile is made active to be viewed and selected as a donor by our patients here at RSC.  We will then work to get you matched and your donation cycle underway.

How can I refer a friend?

Our best egg donors come to us through word of mouth referrals from YOU, our current egg donors. When you are an active egg donor and you refer a friend, you’ll receive a $200 referral fee upon completion of her donation cycle. Referral must be a new donor to our program.

What screening is involved?

After your application is approved we will contact you to guide you through the screening. The screening takes about 4-6 weeks or less and consists of blood work, an in-office interview and physical appointment with our Physician Assistant including lab tests, a psychological evaluation appointment with a mental health professional and a phone consultation with a genetic counselor.

What is the compensation?

Your decision to become an egg donor is a generous contribution and you will be recognized for your time, travel and commitment by the recipient. The total compensation is $9,500 per egg donation cycle. RSC follows the guidelines recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and donors may choose to donate no more  than 6 times total. You will not be responsible for any medical costs related to the screening process or egg donation cycle.

In additional to this compensation, donors report gaining a sheer sense of joy know that they have helped others. One donor described her experience as “a truly gracious act of kindness”. She wants other donors to know how proud she is of being an egg donor, “I love telling people that I was able to give this sincerely life-changing gift to a family.”

How much time is involved?

The application and screening process can take about 4-6 weeks.  From there getting you matched as a donor can vary.  Because our donors are fully screened and ready to go, they tend to get matched quicker than other programs.  Recipients like knowing our donors are available to donate at the time of matching with them.  Generally donors will get matched within a few weeks to a few months depending.  After being matched it can take about 2 months to coordinate and complete your donation cycle.  If you are medically cleared and available to donate again, and are matched, you may choose to donate again as soon as 1-2 months after your last egg retrieval.

Will I need to give myself shots?

Yes, you will need to self administer injections into your lower abdomen. We will provide you ample instructions to ensure you feel comfortable. Typically you will inject 2-3 shots every night for about 10-12 nights. We ask that you choose a time every night that is convenient for you and that you do your injections at the same time every night.

What are the typical side effects and risks?

Typical side effects include injection site reaction like bruising or bleeding and some minor bloating. These usually resolved shortly after the treatment is completed

Are there any restrictions during the process?

Yes. You will be asked not to exercise or have intercourse during the injection period. Your ovaries will be enlarged and we don’t want you to injure your ovaries by being too active.

Can I become pregnant during treatment?

Yes, it is possible to become pregnant during your treatment cycle. Please refrain from intercourse until after your treatment is completed.

Will this impact my ability to have children and will this deplete my source of eggs?

No. Doing egg donation will not cause you to run out of eggs sooner, or induce early menopause. Egg donation does not affect your future fertility.

Can I still work and/or go to school?

Yes, you can continue all of your regular activities, with the exception of exercise or intercourse, while you are doing injections.

What are my responsibilities if I agree to become a donor?

We ask that you be forthcoming in providing accurate information requested of you with regards to your medical history and family history. You will be expected to come to all appointments on time and when instructed. You will need to have a flexible schedule during the treatment as appointment needs can be unpredictable. We expect that you will be diligent in returning our phone calls/emails in a timely manner and responsible with doing your injections at the designated time daily.

What are my legal responsibilities to any child born from my donated eggs?

You have no legal responsibilities to any child born from your donated eggs. Our program is completely anonymous.

Will the recipients know me or meet me?

RSC’s Egg Donor program is strictly anonymous and both donors and recipients are counseled about this. What this means is that RSC does not facilitate the sharing of identifying information with or between either party. You will not know who the recipient(s) are and they will be provided only non-identifying information about your profile such as your physical appearance, personal and family health history Information, your education or occupation, and your personal essays. Recipients are granted access to view the photos you provide, however, RSC does not release copies of your photos to recipients.

RSC does provide donor and recipient(s) information about the Donor Sibling Registry. If either party ever had the desire to learn more, they may choose to use this resource at their discretion. This is not a requirement to participate in our Donor Program, nor is it guaranteed that either party will ever access this resource.  However, we do provide this information so that donors, recipients and/or offspring have information about this resource to access as they choose.

Learn about the  Donor Sibling Registry here.

Can I donate more than once?

Yes. All egg donors must be medically cleared and willing to donate again after each successful donation cycle. Returning donors have already completed the screening requirements, so the only wait would be waiting to be match again. RSC follows the guidelines recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and donors may choose to donate no more than 6 times total.