Become an Embryo Donor

Donating unused embryos

Following the completion of your IVF treatment, if you have unused embryos in storage and you do not wish to use them to conceive in the future, there are several options. RSC wants to provide you with the best information to help you make the best decisions regarding your “leftover embryos.”

Embryo donation options

RSC’s program for embryo donation “in-house” has been closed because the legal and FDA work required to do this appropriately is currently prohibitive for our practice. However, you may donate your embryos to clinics that can facilitate embryo donation for you or match your embryos to other recipients. It is important to work with reputable clinics in order to make sure your wishes are followed and the embryos are handled in the safest way. There are legal processes and psychological consults that should occur to ensure the smoothest transfer of embryos.

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Psychological, legal, & clinic referrals

RSC offers our patients lists of the finest:

While RSC cannot validate or formally endorse any clinic, we have had patients successfully work with the following clinics. (If you have had a positive experience with another clinic, please let us know and we will be happy to add them to the list):

Embryo shipment

RSC will be happy to ship your embryos to the clinic of choice once all of the paperwork has been received. Fees for shipping will be your responsibility.

Once embryos are shipped, you will no longer be billed for cryostorage charges at RSC.

Time considerations

If your embryos were created using donor eggs, there are current laws in California that are making this process time-consuming. RSC needs extra time to accomplish the required paperwork to allow for transfer. We appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure the best processes to transfer your embryos to the clinic of your choice.

Other options

You have other options such as donation to research (such as stem cell research) or to have the embryos discarded. Your RSC team will be happy to discuss these with options you and provide you with the required forms.