Tracy – Chose Egg Donation to Become a Mother


by Tracy, Donor Egg Recipient

Tracy, a forty-two year old professional, was a single woman who yearned for motherhood. She had faced devastation a few years ago when she lost her naturally conceived baby thirty-seven weeks into the pregnancy.

“I had never been married, and the realization hit me that I wasn’t getting any younger, and my window of opportunity to have children was getting smaller and smaller. Then I decided that I could do it myself.”
– Tracy

Tracy turned to artificial insemination, looking at various programs in Sacramento, but they all felt very impersonal to her. The cost of the programs and her unhappiness with the facilities made her turn to another location. After thousands of dollars spent and no child of her own, she found RSC.

When asked what attracted her to RSC, Tracy said “RSC had a lot of experience, which I really liked. I liked the fact that RSC had its own donors. Also, RSC has the highest success rate out of anyone else, and they provided more financial assistance than the other places.”

Although the donation process wasn’t always easy for Tracy, she felt reassured with RSC. “At RSC, they really made a point of telling me what was going on at each step. And if I had any questions they would really talk me through it. At the other places, I had to request to even speak to my doctor on the phone,” she said.

The process paid off for Tracy, and she gave birth to twin daughters. “I adore them,” she said. “I’m really grateful that I made that choice and didn’t give up.”