Emerging Practice Of Integrative Medicine Paving New Ways In Treating Infertility


San Ramon, Calif. (Oct. 21, 2013) – RSC Bay Area would like to announce the graduation of Dr. Carmelo Sgarlata from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (AzCIM) Fellowship. Dr. Sgarlata is the first board certified Reproductive Endocrinologist to complete this prestigious program that now has over 1000 graduates.

Launched in 1997 by integrative medicine pioneer Andrew Weil, MD, the AzCIM Fellowship in Integrative Medicine is a 1,000-hour, two-year distance-learning program for physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

“We’re excited to have Dr. Sgarlata as part of this competitive and intensive program of study,” said Tieraona Low Dog, MD, director of the Fellowship. “He showed a deep commitment to medicine and patient care in his personal statement and application and I’m fully confident that this two-years of additional training will give Dr. Sgarlata the tools to excel in Integrative Medicine and become a leader in the field.”

Dr. Sgarlata is focusing on the use of integrative medicine to help patients become pregnant. “We know that 30-50 percent of patients undergoing fertility treatments are using some form of dietary supplements or CAM treatments. “ As an Integrative Medicine specialist, Dr. Sgarlata is trained to examine scientific data and patient history to determine which treatment(s) will provide the best opportunity for a successful conception and pregnancy.

“The foundation for one’s health is a combination of lifestyle, genetics and environment. There may be no more important time for optimal health for both women and men than when planning on and becoming pregnant. Proper nutrition, the use of appropriate supplements, the utilization of Mind-Body techniques such as MBSR and yoga and acupuncture can all enhance fertility and work along side conventional medical treatments.”

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