Monterey Monitoring Clinic

IVF starts close to home

As part of the IVF Open Access Program (OAP), our partner location in Monterey allows you to access our services and minimize your travel to our main office(s) while allowing you to be monitored at a convenient location closer to where you live.

Monterey IVF services

The in vitro fertilization (IVF) process can be a long, complex journey. The doctors and staff at RSC are all committed to making your journey as smooth and successful as possible; however no two IVF treatment plans are ever identical.

Once your IVF treatment plan has been developed by RSC fertility specialists, your case manager will coordinate all services to be provided by our Monterey monitoring office. These services can include ultrasound monitoring and blood work. The results of all these will be communicated back to your RSC physician.

The goal of the OAP is to allow you the ability to stay close to home during the IVF process until your egg retrieval procedure. Once monitoring is complete, you will be scheduled for your egg retrieval at our San Ramon office and the embryo transfer will follow 3-6 days later.

Learn more about the OAP.

Clinic location

Dr. Keith and Dr. Vogelpohl
337 El Dorado St. Ste A
Monterey, CA 93940