Lab Director Advises Healthcare Students To Keep Options Open


Keep career options open

CBS SF Bay Area

Laboratory Director Kristen Ivani, Ph.D., was interviewed by CBS Bay Area and asked to give advice to college students studying healthcare.

“My first piece of advice to students would be to keep your options open,” Ivani told CBS Bay Area. “The field I have been so fortunate to work in for the last 25 plus years was only a scientist’s dream when I was in high school. Take advantage of the opportunities available to you by volunteering and attending seminars and conferences, where you not only will learn about new advances in your field but also have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Take advantage of internships and work-study programs, as you may discover a passion you didn’t even know existed. Get to know your teachers and professors, as they are excellent resources for you on so many levels.”

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