Dr. Reid’s New York Times Q&A on Transgender Pregnancy


In the NYT Parenting article, she addresses the challenges that come with the new frontier of transgender pregnancy

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Dr. Sara Reid encountered the issue of transgender pregnancy and fertility during her medical education and became passionate about helping colleagues learn about transgender patients exploring pregnancy. Recently, she was consulted by Family Equality, an advocacy group in New York, for a series of new online courses designed to educate practitioners on LGBTQ+ issues. She spoke to the New York Times about her work.

“Everybody who comes into my office has the same questions,” said Dr. Reid. “Is this going to work? Will I be able to have the family I imagine? How much will it cost? How am I going to feel?”

Her LGBTQ+ patients come in with a different mindset than her heterosexual patients. “They always knew they would probably need some help or a third person involved to grow their family, so they’re approaching their visit to me with more excitement,” she said. “For heterosexual couples, they sometimes feel as if they’ve lost control. For LGBTQ+ patients, it’s as if they’re taking control.”