Dr. Rosenbluth Talks About Trying to Conceive as You Get Older


An article published on The List outlines nine things women should know about getting pregnant as they age.

trying to conceive | The List | Dr. Evan Rosenbluth
The List

It’s no secret that one of the biggest factors that influences a woman’s ability to conceive is her age. A recent article published on The List enlists the expertise of a number of fertility doctors to compile some important things to know about trying to conceive as you get older. Among those interviewed is RSC’s Dr. Evan Rosenbluth.

“At 35 years old, approximately 35 percent of our eggs are abnormal,” Dr. Rosenbluth explains. “At 38 years old, 50 percent, and at 41 years, old 70 percent of our eggs are abnormal!” If a woman of advanced maternal age chooses to pursue fertility treatment, these abnormalities can be detected using preimplantation genetic screening.

In another section of the article, Dr. Rosenbluth discusses the emotional and psychological factors that play into trying to conceive at a later age.

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