Dr. Weckstein Weighs in on Ovarian Reserve Testing


Ovarian reserve testing can be beneficial for certain women, but not for all.

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A recent Women’s Health article featured the rise of ovarian reserve testing. The test is inexpensive, easy to undergo and has provided insight for many women about the future quantity of eggs. But the test may not be for every woman says Dr. Louis Weckstein, medical director at the Reproductive Science Center in California, in the article.

“A woman’s age is often a better predictor of egg quality than ovarian reserve testing,” says Weckstein in the article. “But for women who are trying to get pregnant and are striking out, the test results can be useful to predict how they’ll respond to fertility medications, like Clomid or Serophene, two common ones. This can aid the doctor in determining the correct dosage of medication for treatment, particularly in an IVF treatment setting,” he says.

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