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I wanted to share my story of the most difficult decision that I had to make regarding infertility. I was referred to the Reproductive Science Center by my gynecologist. I live in an area where travel is necessary to find help regarding fertility.

My husband and I had a consultation with Dr. Evan Rosenbluth. Right from the start I felt comfortable, as though I knew I would be in good hands.  Dr. Rosenbluth spent time discussing procedures, explaining techniques and options with us.  He really took the time to talk me through all the questions I had, as well as answering some (I did know at the time) I would need to know later. His experience was immediately apparent. He also has a great sense of humor and warmth about him.

After doing the required testing on both my spouse and me, the choices for us were clear: IVF or tubal ligation reversal. I had a very difficult time deciding what would be the best option for us. The team at Reproductive Science Center team came to out rescue.

The nurse assigned to me, Jennifer, was amazing in talking me through my fears and answering my questions. My account specialist, Barbara, was quick with responses to my questions about costs and blessed me with her patience. This was very important because most of my conversations were via e-mail and phone. Dr. Rosenbluth called me several times to help me through this decision.

Due to the fact that I really could do either treatment I was on the fence as to what was best for me and my body. He brought all of this to the attention at a meeting with all of his colleagues in order to give me all the best information from all the best minds at RSCBA. Their response was so helpful.

Ultimately, I had to make a decision and I decided to go ahead with reanastomosis, the tubal reversal surgery. Now, I am not a fan of any surgery, so I had a lot of anxiety.

The day of my surgery

From the start I felt comfortable. The nurses were so clam and friendly, the surgery room was warm and strangely inviting. The anesthesiologist spoke with me and was informative. Everything was explained to me very clearly and everything happened just as they said it would. I met everyone that would come in contact with me that day.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Rosenbluth and Dr. Mary Hinckley. This was an amazing experience. Both Dr.’s are so experienced. Most importantly, they were actually excited to be doing this! In my humble opinion, when someone loves their careers and is excited to be doing what they do, that just screams success.

The surgery went very well without complications. I just had my post-op appointment and I am told that everything looks healed and in a few weeks we can start trying to have our baby.

I am so grateful to the team and particularly Dr. Rosenbluth for caring about me, as an individual. He took the time to give me the best information possible and, most importantly, his love for what he does is refreshing and confident. This staff is doing great things.

Thank you,

Norma Hunt

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