Persistence Prevails


photo-story-baby-swingAs it nears my daughter’s first birthday, I can only be reminded of the struggle and heartache I endured to reach this monumental milestone. She is the blessing and gift I never thought I would have in my life.  I give thanks to – and am grateful for – RSC and all the doctors and staff. They were so kind and helpful in my husband’s and my journey to grow our family.

I got pregnant when I was twenty years old. It was slightly planned with my then fiancé. I was excited, but at first sad that I was going to have a child while still being a child myself. Around eight weeks I suffered a miscarriage, finding out at my first doctor appointment during the ultrasound. It was an incredibly sad day for me, and – I would later find out – be the only time in my life I would ever become pregnant naturally.

I was in a committed relationship with my now husband at the age of twenty-four. Although I was young, we decided that we would welcome whatever happened, and after a year, nothing. A few years had passed and I was still not  pregnant. I was devastated. Not only was I not getting pregnant, but I felt severely depressed that my body could not do the simple task that was given to the female species, getting pregnant!

In 2010, after six years together, my husband proposed to me. It was really joyful to plan our wedding and our future together, but in the back of my mind I worried that not being able to have his children would lead would be a major stress on our relationship. We both hoped for a family, but didn’t put too much pressure on it. Without the ability to have children I wasn’t sure how I would live my life as a childless woman.

Months before our wedding, I was diagnosed with having a very large fibroid in my uterus. It was removed via surgery, and I started getting excited thinking that now maybe I could get pregnant now that the issue had been discovered. Fat chance! Again a few years passed, and I knew I was ready to take control of my fertility. I called it “Project Take Back my Fertility,” starting with blood work, tests and a failed IUI.

My husband and I were ready to get straight into IVF since our doctor informed us we would have a one percent chance of ever conceiving if we did nothing at all. This was not okay with us. When I heard that, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I think I laughed. But inside I was dying.

Our first IVF cycle was a success (after a brief  meltdown in which I considered giving up and not proceeding with the cycle). Thank god I was persistent! I began doing acupuncture, which I truly believe helped me get pregnant.

On July 23, 2012, my doctors transferred two embryos into my uterus. A week later I learned I was pregnant. I was shocked and thrilled.

Words can’t  begin to describe the love I have for my daughter; the journey and the miracle that she is. I never knew I could love someone so much, so selflessly and completely. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and I cherish every moment I have with her.

To anyone who isn’t sure if IVF is the right choice for them, I challenge you to consider it and embrace it just like you would with any challenge or obstacle in your life: with courage, passion and strength. It’s not an easy journey, but who said it would be? Nothing in life worth having is easy to acquire.

Dr. Weckstein, I will forever be grateful! Thank you RSC!!!!

– Michelle Azevedo –