RSC Offers Financial Counselors for Patient Convenience


Fertility center aims to help current and prospective patients

Covering the cost of infertility treatment can be troublesome, and understanding individual coverage can be a daunting task. A new program Reproductive Science Center can help make the whole process easier. The financial counselor staff at RSC has expanded to offer additional help to current and prospective patients seeking infertility treatment. A financial counselor is now available in every RSC office to guide patients through the financial process.

When a new patient schedules an appointment, they are assigned a financial counselor who can verify insurance coverage and discuss benefits. At the conclusion of the appointment with a physician, patients also attend a meeting with their financial counselor to discuss coverage of the treatment prescribed.

All treatment costs and payment due dates are outlined for the patient. Our financial counselors are here to serve as a direct resource to patients in order to ensure all benefits are received, and to minimize stress. For patients with minimal or no insurance coverage the financial counselor can provide financing resources such as industry competitive financing options. Superior customer service is a priority at Reproductive Science Center and we strive for the highest level of patient satisfaction.

“Fertility treatment can be daunting, and that includes the costs involved,” says Sheldon Josephs, Executive Director of Reproductive Science Center. “We strive to make the whole process as seamless as possible. We have expanded this program in order to provide patients with unparalleled customer service.”


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