New Program Offers Patients More Convenient Appointments


Fitting medical appointments into a busy schedule is not always easy, but a new program at Reproductive Science Center aims to make appointments more convenient and accessible. The Open Access Program allows patients to complete fertility monitoring and other services at a local OB/GYN office during the fertility treatment process. This access to local medical services will make appointments more convenient and minimize patient travel time. Patients will only need to return to RSC offices for certain medical treatments, including the initial consultation, pre-operative visits, egg retrieval and transfer.

No matter what stage a patient is at in exploring her fertility–from discussing fertility with an OB/GYN, to consulting a fertility doctor or beginning fertility treatment–the Open Access Program (OAP) can be beneficial.

“We are very excited to offer this program to our patients,” says Sheldon Josephs, Executive Director of Reproductive Science Center. “The response so far has been extremely positive. Now patients wanting our infertility clinical excellence can access us and no longer have to spend extra time traveling for their infertility treatment. It’s a helpful offering that makes our services within reach.”

Once a patient has decided to enter the program and has discussed a course of treatment with a Reproductive Science Center (RSC) physician, they are then assigned a case manager at RSC. The case manager works directly with the patient’s local monitoring office for treatment correspondence and scheduling services. Patients will visit their local office for monitoring and other services such as injection and medication classes (not all locations), ultrasound studies and blood work. The RSC physician is responsible for fertility treatment services and treatment orders.

RSC and the monitoring office are separate business entities. Both entities set and maintain their own service fee schedule and billing policy. An RSC Financial Counselor will provide you with an estimate of IVF cycle costs after checking your insurance benefits (where applicable) and the treatment plan from your physician.

Updated as of 2024: RSC currently has one OAP location – in Monterey.


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