RSC Offers Patients Savings of Up to 40% on IVF Treatments With Our Fertility Access Program


RSC partners with Fertility Access to make fertility treatment affordable with 100% refund and multi-cycle discounts and exclusive financial programs for patients without insurance coverage for fertility treatmentsCouple who achieved pregnancy using Fertility Access program holding their baby | Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area | CA

San Ramon, CA (April 13, 2021) Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area (RSC) announced today a partnership with Fertility Access to offer patients smart, simple financial solutions that make in vitro fertilization (IVF) more affordable in the absence of insurance coverage. RSC patients can save as much as 40% on treatment costs by bundling and prepaying for IVF cycles at a discounted package rate.

“Infertility makes patients feel like they have no choice and no control over the future. The Fertility Access programs allow patients choice and control and gives them a sense of peace through the process,” says Dr. Mary Hinckley of RSC.  “For many patients, the fixed cost of the Fertility Access programs allows them to plan for predetermined costs ahead of time, avoiding surprise hidden costs that often add up outside of a packaged program.”

Fertility Access offerings remove the financial barriers to fertility treatment while giving patients the best chance of becoming a parent. In fact, 80% of patients who complete the Fertility Access program take home a baby.

Statistics show that many patients will need more than one IVF cycle to be successful. With these new RSC programs, patients who are not successful with their first cycle can move right into a second cycle with peace of mind from the financial safety net, while increasing their chances of an optimal outcome.

These three fixed-fee, Fertility Access plans were designed specifically for RSC patients with little or no
health insurance coverage for IVF treatment.

  • 100% Refund Program (includes 3 fresh egg retrievals and unlimited frozen embryo transfers).
    This is our most robust program offering many chances of success: patients either have a baby
    or receive a full refund of their program fee.
  • 50% Refund Program (includes 2 fresh egg retrievals and unlimited frozen embryo transfers).
  • Multi-Cycle Discount Program (includes 2 or 3 fresh egg retrievals and unlimited frozen embryo

“The Fertility Access Refund and Multi-Cycle Discount programs are great financial options to offer to our patients considering IVF,” says Dr. Louis Weckstein, IVF and medical director of RSC. “Patients appreciate having the option of multiple treatment cycles with a possible refund if they do not have a baby, without having to worry about paying again and again if they are unsuccessful.”

For a better understanding of how much fertility treatment financing costs, patients can use the Fertility Access loan repayment calculator. Monthly payment ranges will vary based on the loan amount and repayment terms. Patients can learn more by calling 1-800-873-9203 or emailing A Fertility Access Patient Concierge will introduce custom programs tailored to the treatment plan recommended by RSC physicians.

To help make affording fertility treatment even simpler, RSC proudly partners with CapexMD to offer convenient financing options. CapexMD’s simple loan programs cover all fertility treatment options, including autologous treatment, third-party reproduction, fertility medications, even genetic testing if necessary.

Interested patients may call us at (888) 377-4483 or contact us online to learn more. Through our free financial counseling services, we can tell you about Fertility Access and our other financing options.


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