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RSCBA physicians assistant encourages patients to “Have a Heart” during National Infertility Awareness Week

#HaveAHeart | Graphic | National Infertility Awareness Week

I had a teacher in physicians assistant (PA) school who referred to the heart as the “master pump.” He was our physiology teacher, whose job was to teach a room full of budding, young students all about the human body. Years later, as I’m writing this blog and getting ready to honor National Infertility Awareness Week (April 24-30) with a campaign that revolves around the phrase “Have a Heart,” his words immediately came to mind.

Yes indeed, the heart is the master pump. Its sole job is to pump and circulate blood to our entire body. Without it, we would most certainly be in trouble.

Working in the field of infertility can be challenging. We are trying to help our patients, many of whom are struggling emotionally and financially to stay afloat. At Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area (RSCBA), we share our patients’ misfortunes and we celebrate their successes.

I know I speak for many of my colleagues at RSCBA when I say that our heart breaks a little when our patients’ do, although professionalism prevents us from displaying much emotion. There are days when I return home emotionally and physically drained from the day. As a physicians assistant, I want patients to know that I have a heart and I share it with them on their journey.

I speak to all RSCBA patients when I say, You must have a heart. I know you want to shut it off so it doesn’t hurt so bad when things aren’t going well. Every time you get bad news, your heart breaks a little bit more.

From frustration to miracles

I have seen many patients who seem removed and closed off from emotion, but I recognize that that is their way of protecting their heart. It is okay to have a heart, and it’s okay to wear it on your sleeve – particularly with your trusted loved ones, your nurses and your doctors.

We understand and we want to help. We love what we do – the good and the bad. I want you to know that it’s okay to have feelings and express them. And we won’t hold it against you if you get upset and yell, only to call us back and apologize. We understand. We have hearts too, and we get frustrated too.

I have seen miracles in this field. I have seen incredible success stories that never seemed possible. These stories fill my heart with such joy. The best part of our job is when we finally get to meet your baby, because then we know that what we have done has made a difference and then we know that all heartache has a happy ending. When you share the good news about the delivery of your baby with our team, it is so exciting for us!

We love making your family complete. These moments get us through the day and they truly mean so much to us.

We will help you achieve successes and then pass the torch along to you as you go from being an individual to being the “master pump” of your family – the center of your family unit and the center of their universe.

Your job is now to provide the emotional nutrients to your family. You are now the heart of your family and, much like the “master pump,” without you they would most certainly be in trouble. So be sure to keep your heart open. You will need it. We will help you get there. Have a heart.

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