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As the oldest private fertility practice in the Bay Area, Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area (RSC) is a leader in the fertility field both locally and nationally. Our doctors include some of the nation’s most distinguished in vitro fertilization (IVF) pioneers, and we’ve offered more than three decades of fertility care to thousands of families of all cultural, ethnic and sexual orientations.

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How RSC puts your patients first

We prioritize patient education for better outcomes.
State-of-the-art facilities, lab and treatments.
Inclusive care for even the toughest cases.
Affordable, competitive pricing and financing.
High success rates for more than 35 years.
Telemedicine and four convenient area locations.
Concierge service for out-of-town patients.
Comprehensive patient education & events.

Get to know us: our preceptorship program

At RSC, our doctor referral program is a two-way street. We not only welcome patient referrals from other physicians, we also strive to share clinical knowledge and advancements with medical colleagues throughout the region and nation.

We know that referring a patient to another provider is a matter of trust – even more so for fertility patients, who often experience high degrees of emotional discomfort. In this vein, we welcome fellow physicians, scientists and nurses to get to know us through our preceptorship program.

Visiting colleagues receive an on-site, personal introduction and orientation to our fertility program, including an overview of the medicine, science and facilities supporting our therapies. They can meet physicians and support staff, who are the heart and soul of our care, and can see how our practice is focused on helping this unique set of patients. For more information, please contact our Professional Liaison at (888) 377-4483.

RSC Curbside for rapid communication

We understand that you need quick responses to some of your clinical questions. With RSC Curbside, providers can now directly text one of our experts and receive clinical answers to help you and your patients.


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Fertile Edge podcast

In our ongoing podcast, the doctors at RSC discuss all things related to fertility and infertility treatment. We share our knowledge and expertise because we believe everyone has a right to the family of their dreams, no matter the route they take to get there.

From our blog: Fertility researcher beware!

Dr. Homer of Reproductive Science Center of the SF Bay Area cautions fertility researchers to check their facts with a knowledgeable professional instead of trusting everything they search on the internet. Medical advice should be provided by a doctor.

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Infertility patient doctor referral

Semen analysis referral

If you are a patient interested in semen analysis services, please contact us directly. Please note that the patient will need to obtain the results of the semen analysis from the referring physician. RSC cannot get these results for you and we can’t interpret what the results mean.

If you are a provider within our referral program, use our online form to submit your patient referral.

Please note that the below form is only for healthcare professionals. Once the form is submitted, please have your patient call us directly to schedule an appointment at ((888) 377-4483

Also note that the sample must be collected at home. The male partner MUST bring the sample to the clinic. We cannot accept samples from the female partner. If you are interested in joining our referral list please contact our office.