Infertility and Semen Analysis Referral Program

At Reproductive Science Center, our referral program is a two-way street. We not only welcome patient referrals from other physicians; we also strive to share clinical knowledge and advancements with medical colleagues throughout the region and nation.

It is our philosophy that the exchange of information is one of the greatest services healthcare professionals can offer. We consider fellow physicians, scientists and nurses our indispensable allies in educating and helping those who we all serve as our perpetual priority – patients.

In this vein, we invite medical professionals to participate in our preceptorship program, in which colleagues receive an on-site, personal introduction and orientation to our fertility program, including an overview of the medicine, science and facilities supporting our therapies. For more information, please contact our Professional Liaison at (888) 377-4483.

As the oldest private practice fertility center in the San Francisco Bay Area, RSC was among the first in the United States to report a successful pregnancy from an egg donated from one woman to another for gestation and delivery, and was also responsible for the nation’s second successful transfer of a previously frozen embryo into a mother’s uterus. More than a quarter-century later, we take pride in superior pregnancy rates, high-touch patient care and innovative support systems. Examples of our distinctive offerings to patients include:

  • Multiple locations for patient convenience, particularly during monitoring
  • A concierge service providing convenient and affordable accommodations for out-of-town patients (one night only).
  • A state-of-the-art facility, and IVF Lab (San Ramon location)

Semen analysis patient referral form

If you are a provider within our referral program, please use the form below to submit your patient referral. Please note the sample must be collected at home. The male partner MUST bring the sample to the clinic. We cannot accept samples from the female partner.