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Our doctors’ blog represents another step in RSC’s mission to share state-of-the-art expertise in reproductive medicine. In more than 40 years of practice, we have learned that accurate information is the most powerful key to determining the best course of treatment for each individual. It is in this spirit of empowerment that we welcome you to explore our blog for a deeper explanation of numerous topics of interest for both patients and physicians on the topics of infertility, in vitro fertilization, and other fertility subjects. We welcome your questions and comments.

On this page, RSC doctors blog about topics brought to them by people suffering from infertility. Do you have questions about fertility? Ask us on our Facebook page.

Fertility Researcher Beware!

Fertility Researcher Beware!

Dr. Homer of Reproductive Science Center of the SF Bay Area cautions fertility researchers to check their facts with a knowledgeable professional instead of trusting everything they search on the internet. Medical advice should be provided by a doctor.
Does IVF Cause Cancer? Do Fertility Drugs?

Does IVF Cause Cancer? Do Fertility Drugs?

Dr. Mary Hinckley of RSC of the SF Bay Area responds to the frequently asked questions, does IVF cause cancer? Do fertility drugs? She reviews the current literature on the association between fertility treatment and cancer, including ovarian, breast and uterine.
Hope During COVID-19

Hope During COVID-19

A letter to our infertility patients from RSC Director of Practice Development JoAnne Brian about staying hopeful throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and not losing sight of a brighter future.
IVF Twin Pregnancy

IVF Twin Pregnancy

While many people going through IVF want twins, a twin pregnancy carries increased risks for both mother and child. So what's the best solution?
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

While advanced maternal age can increase the chance of pregnancy complications, a new study suggests that older paternal age may not carry the same risk.
Cryostorage Tank Safety & Monitoring at RSC

Cryostorage Tank Safety & Monitoring at RSC

Our hearts go out to the patients whose frozen embryos, sperm or eggs may have been damaged by the recent cryostorage tank malfunctions at two different fertility clinics. Here's how RSC takes great care in storing and caring for your frozen embryos, eggs and sperm.
"Why I Don't Want to See a Fertility Doctor"

"Why I Don't Want to See a Fertility Doctor"

Dr. Reid describes her friend’s very real reasons why she – and others – are hesitant about seeking help from a fertility doctor. Here are some of the common reservations, and the reasons why it might be time to reconsider them.
365 Days in a Fertility Clinic

365 Days in a Fertility Clinic

Honoring National Infertility Awareness Week, RSC andrologist Evelyn Elnar writes about her transition from viewing infertility as a mere diagnosis to becoming acutely aware of it as a complex emotional journey.
Getting Pregnant in the Chinese New Year

Getting Pregnant in the Chinese New Year

With the Chinese New Year upon us, I had to take a break and find out what this year may bring, especially for those born in 2017: The Year of the Fire Rooster. If you're interested in getting pregnant this year, I have some tips to get you started.
Zika Virus and Your Pregnancy

Zika Virus and Your Pregnancy

Many RSCBA patients are in the process of conceiving or have recently become pregnant and vacation season is coming up. Dr. Rosenbluth offers advice about traveling to areas affected by the virus and the potential risks of being infected.
Usted No Está Sola

Usted No Está Sola

Miembro del personal RSCBA ofrece palabras de apoyo para los pacientes hispanos en honor a la Semana Nacional de Concientización sobre la infertilidad .
Am I Annoying My Nurse?

Am I Annoying My Nurse?

RSC Bay Area's PA and case manager, Suzanne Yahiro-Leibowitz, shares insights into the mind of a fertility nurse and addresses the most common concerns about fertility treatment.
Does ICSI Cause Genetic Abnormalities?

Does ICSI Cause Genetic Abnormalities?

New study suggests that the common worry that ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) increases genetic defects isn’t the case, and that poor sperm quality is the primary culprit. Patients are often worried about whether the use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) performed with in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles increases the risk of genetic abnormalities. A recent … Continued
Egg Freezing in China

Egg Freezing in China

As Chinese governmental regulations do not allow for single women to freeze their eggs, more and more young, Chinese women are coming to America, specifically the Bay Area, to freeze their eggs for later use.
Migraines During Pregnancy

Migraines During Pregnancy

Headaches during pregnancy are common, however, 1 out of every 5 women with headaches actually suffer from migraines. Women suffering from migraines during pregnancy should see a high-risk obstetrician for pre-natal care.
Do I Really Have to Watch My Cholesterol When I’m Pregnant?

Do I Really Have to Watch My Cholesterol When I’m Pregnant?

The answer is yes, as a general principle in a healthy pregnancy. But women with high cholesterol levels should be particularly careful about what they eat during pregnancy. At Reproductive Science Center we check cholesterol panels on all women over 40 years old and in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and obesity, as cholesterol levels are usually higher among these groups of women. High cholesterol can run in families and can be elevated even in otherwise healthy women.

Memorial Day - Thank You for Your Service

On Memorial Day, I paid respect to the men and women who gave up their lives for my freedom, and upon reflection also realized that wives gave up their husbands, children gave up their dads, and mothers gave up their sons (and daughters) for my ability to be an American.

Seed Of Hope - NIAW Series

"In my journey, as a health care professional I have come across patients struggling with infertility, and I firmly believe that we also experience along with them the fears, the worry, and all of the complexities of assisted reproduction treatment. I was inspired to take you through a patient’s journey and allow you to feel what it may feel to walk in the patient’s shoes."

You Are Not Alone- NIAW Series

I remember the first patient I ever got pregnant. She was a physician’s wife. They were so elated that they were finally going to have the family they had dreamed of. They were so appreciative, not only to me, but the miracle that allowed it to happen.

Alone in my Office - NIAW Series

Alone in my office, I let out a small yelp. Then a loud “Yes!” Immediately, I had two nurses and one front desk staff at my door. They knew I wasn’t in distress; they knew it was good news...
Predicting Ovulation With Urinary LH Surge Testing

Predicting Ovulation With Urinary LH Surge Testing

Before an egg is released from the ovary during ovulation, there is a surge in the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland, known as “LH surge.” Understanding what LH is, when levels of the hormone rise, and the relationship between this rise and fertility is crucial for people trying to conceive.

Naturopathic Medicine & Infertility

By Dr. Aumatma, a naturopathic doctor (N.D.) with 12 years of experience. Naturopathic medicine can help discover deeper issues contributing to a couple's inability to conceive. Learn how the use of natural substances can help rebalance the body.

Egg Donation, Pregnancy and Pre-eclampsia

For patients with diminished ovarian reserve or premature menopause, egg donation is a true blessing. However, a recent study out of France has shown that pre-eclampsia (pregnancy-induced high blood pressure) is 4 times more common in pregnancies conceived through donor eggs.

Bleeding in Early Pregnancy

By Dr. Mary Hinckley – While bleeding in early pregnancy is scary, it is not always a bad sign. Often the first sign of a miscarriage, there are also things that will not be a miscarriage that can cause the bleeding.

Got Twins? Get Fat!

By Dr. Mary Hinckley – Recent data reveals that gaining weight in the second trimester is critical for patients with twins. One RSCBA patient reveals her story in the Huffington Post of how she gained 70 pounds for a twin pregnancy.

Sad News For Starbucks...

By Dr. Mary Hinckley – A recent meta-analysis from the American Journal of OB/Gyn (Feb 2014) showed that any amount of coffee consumption during pregnancy may increase the risk of childhood leukemia in offspring.

Managing Mother’s Day Mindfully

Every day is difficult for women who experience infertility, but Mother’s Day may be the most challenging. Physiologist, Madeline Licker Feingold, Ph.D's offers suggestions for infertility sufferers to decrease their pain and cope with their emotions.

Not Having The Luxury Of Time

By Dr. Louis Weckstein – A new study on fertility treatment success in women between the age of 38-42 revealed immediate IVF as the most successful infertility treatment. Always be sure to consult with your physician.


Reiki is a natural, hands-on healing art. It is part of a field known as energy medicine. Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar and teacher, is acknowledged as the modern founder of Reiki in 1922.

New MTV Show: Generation Cryo

By Macy Minor – MTV's new show, Generation Cryo, is an exploration of, “issues faced by a new generation of kids coming of age who were conceived via sperm donation and are redefining what it means to be a family."

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

By Judy Tognetti – Many people seek Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for infertility. TCM explores causes and treats each one with specific protocols to overcome the barriers to conception.

Chinese New Year and Fertility

By Dr. Mary Hinckley – Why are patients desperately trying to get pregnant so that their child is born in the Chinese Year of the Horse? Some are even using fertility medicine, IVF and other treatments.

The History of IVF

The story of IVF in the US is one that marks the beginning in a long lineage of babies born through IVF and making their mark on this great nation.

Oocyte Efficiency

By Dr. Mary Hinckley - One of the hardest things to explain to patients is why human beings are such inefficient reproducers. It just seems logical that one follicle should produce one egg which ultimately makes one embryo and one healthy baby. But unfortunately this is not reality.

The Mathematics of Selecting an Infertility Center

By Sheldon B. Josephs, FACHE - If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where there is more than one infertility specialist or practice, you understand how confusing it can be to choose the physician or clinic best suited for you. Here is a mathematical analysis to help you understand your options.

The (Big) Difference Between One & Two

By Dr. Evan Rosenbluth - Having recently moved to the Bay Area, I am often asked about the differences in protocols for treating infertility at other centers across the United States. Simply put, the most notable variation comes down to the decision between one and two – embryos, that is.

Ovarian Reserve - How Many Eggs Are in Your Basket?

By Dr. Louis Weckstein - Ovarian reserve is a term fertility doctors use to describe a woman’s reproductive potential with respect to egg quantity. This evaluation can be helpful in determining how aggressive a woman should be with infertility treatment and importance of time.

Donor Egg Bank Brings Double Success

By Dr. Mary Hinckley - She walked out of our office smiling, looking at her admiring husband with a bit of “we can handle this together”. She was glowing that glow you get from being pregnant and dreaming of the future.

Natural or Minimal Stimulation IVF compared to Standard IVF

By Dr. Louis Weckstein - Recently there has been much hype on the internet about Natural Cycle IVF or Minimal Stimulation IVF. These treatments are similar to standard IVF, but without the use of injectable medications (Natural Cycle IVF), or using a combination of oral and low dose injectable medication (Minimal Stimulation IVF).

Health Insurance Coverage for Infertility in California

By Leticia Uribe, Business Office Supervisor - Insurance coverage is a growing monster in our world today when it comes to infertility coverage in California. California is still a long way from becoming a mandated state for full infertility coverage.

Infertility Counselors

By Dr. Mary Hinckley & Amoreena Berg, MFT - “Keeping it all together” was her challenge. We immediately put her in touch with a counselor, who gave her one-on-one support and even offered group counseling. This made all the difference.

Donor Egg Bank USA

By Dr. Louis Weckstein - Until very recently the technology for freezing eggs was not well developed. In the past few years, the technique of vitrification, or rapid freezing of eggs, has improved success with frozen eggs.

"Just Take Ten"

Try to find ten minutes for yourself each day. Just ten minutes to be quiet. Just ten minutes to close your eyes.

Optimizing The Embryo Transfer

By Amy Simpson, Ultrasound Tech - You have diligently taken your injections, come to multiple ultrasound appointments, put up with numerous side effects from medications, undergone surgery to retrieve your eggs...


By Dr. Susan Willman - On a a hectic Saturday morning at the clinic, I had an unexpected surprise: a patient of mine had brought her baby to meet me.

Krispy Kreme Donuts

By Dr. Mary Hinckley - The Krispy Kreme Donut Factory: I often use this analogy when explaining ovarian function to patients.

What Did They Do To My Cervix?

By Dr. Mary Hinckley - It is important for you to know what was done to your cervix. Some treatments may cause problems or damage to the cervix that could translate into infertility or premature delivery.

Is AMH the New FSH?

AMH is a hormone studied for many years but only recently has been commercially available. AMH is useful in assessing how many eggs are in the ovaries.

It's About Time!

It was 1978 and my neighbor told me the story of Louise Brown, the first IVF baby born. Recently, the Nobel Prize was awarded to British biologist Robert Edwards, PhD for his pioneering work developing IVF.

The 10,000 Hour Rule In Infertility

By Dr. Mary Hinckley - What matters to patients is the ability to diagnose a problem, to correctly stimulate a patient, to retrieve the eggs, handle the embryos, and transfer them back safely into a uterus.

What is an HSG?

By Dr. Deborah Wachs - I was performing HSGs last week and noticed a recurring theme: extreme anxiety! I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the HSG test and what it involves.

Google... Baby

I watched a documentary about IVF and gestational surrogacy in India. There were a few things worthy of commenting on, both from the surrogacy standpoint as well as from the IVF overseas aspect.