Staying Strong In Marriage During Infertility


Infertility can affect your marriage in many ways, arguments will brew, and fingers may be pointed, but remember: infertility is a medical condition. Would you fight with your partner if he was struggling with diabetes?

Tips for couples coping with infertility

Emotional distance

Often one partner wants to talk about their feeling while the other wants to hide that hurt inside. Keep your communication paths open and try to respect each others’ process.

Money issues

It is said that couples most often fight about money and sex, and infertility contains elements of both. Understand the expenses of fertility treatments and focus on the goal of parenthood.

Give the benefit of the doubt

As humans we are trained to listen to the negative feelings in our brains, and unfortunately sometimes to embrace them. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt, feel compassion, and appreciate that you have each other.

The emotional strain on marriage caused by infertility can ultimately lead to a stronger bond in a couple. Couples learn to communicate better which can lead to a healthier relationship.

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