Will my Insurance Cover my Infertility Treatment?


When a potential patient calls RSC one of the first questions they have is, “Will my insurance cover the cost of infertility treatment?” The answer varies:

Even though we may be a contracted provider with your insurance carrier (ie; Blue Cross, Blue Shield etc.), this does not mean that you have infertility coverage. What really matters is if your employer bought that benefit for you as part of their employees healthcare benefits package.

Many people in the state of California have no insurance coverage for infertility.

Some insurance companies cover the initial consultation, diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound and intrauterine insemination.

Some people may be lucky enough to have 50 percent to 100 percent coverage for intrauterine insemination as well as in vitro fertilization.

The best way to avoid being surprised by your insurance coverage for infertility is to make an initial call to your carrier prior to beginning treatment. RSC will also check your benefits should you decide to become a patient.

The good news is even if you don’t have insurance coverage, RSC can help you apply for financing through a medical financing company.

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