You Are Not Alone in Your Infertility Journey


RSCBA staff member offers words of support for Hispanic patients in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week

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Many infertility patients, including Hispanic infertility patients, feel that they are the only ones going through this emotional and costly roller coaster. If they only knew how many patients – heterosexual, lesbian, gay, transgender or single moms by choice – are out there that do not talk about going through fertility treatment.

I’ve worked in the fertility field for more than 11 years and have seen an increasing number of Hispanic patients over the past few years. If English is not your primary language, accessing an IVF clinic can bring about challenges like communicating with physicians and case managers about medical information and costs.

Don’t be shy, ask if there’s a Spanish-speaking staff member that can assist you in making an appointment; you’ll be surprised how many Spanish-speaking medical staff work in fertility offices in the Bay Area.

Although the language barrier may seem to put up roadblocks, don’t let that prevent you from starting a family. There are many resources that can help the Hispanic community­ – you just need to ask.

Whether it’s related to simple fertility information, support groups, applying for special discounts on medications or cycles, we can help. Important resources that I refer my patients to are the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Resolve, an infertility advocacy group.

Don’t be afraid to ask your physician questions. Make a list before your appointment(s) to ensure that nothing gets missed.

Some patients ask, “How do I still go to work every morning if I have to come in almost daily for appointments?” All fertility offices have different appointment times available, but typically monitoring appointments can be set up for as early as 7 a.m. I usually tell my patients to go about their daily lives.

It is very important to set aside time to relax. Often times, I see patients who are stressed and haven’t even begun their treatment. In situations like this, acupuncture can be one way to reduce stress.

Don’t let fertility treatment take over your life: stay focused and rely on your physician and case manager. You are not alone in this journey. We wish you the best of luck!

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