Reproductive Science Center Mission Statement

Our mission

To deliver the highest quality patient care that provides the best opportunities for making people families.

Our vision

We achieve this mission by utilizing state of the art technology, drawing on our combined experience in the field of fertility, focusing on excellent customer services and operating in a fiscally responsible manner. We believe that “Experience Never Mattered More.”

Our values

We strive to adhere to the following values as we pursue our mission and vision.

We are committed to treating our patients with dignity and respect, and advocate responsive patient care and high quality customer service.

In order to achieve the highest pregnancy rates, we strive to offer the highest standard of care and maintain the highest clinical standards.

We pursue professional excellence through our commitment to research and education.

We embrace the concept of teamwork, sharing responsibility for our patients and our business.

We are dedicated to continuous quality improvement, and seek out opportunities for positive change.

We have established a tradition of stability and longevity, which we achieve by listening to our patients, employing a highly qualified team and pursuing optimal clinical, business and operational techniques and processes.

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