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Open access program (OAP)

Thank you for considering the Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area (RSC) for your infertility needs. For 40+ years we have been the premier provider of infertility services. The IVF Open Access Program (OAP) was designed to allow you to access our services and minimize your travel to our office(s) while allowing you to be monitored at a convenient location closer to where you live.

We work closely with the local monitoring provider throughout your IVF cycle. This information sheet was developed to provide you with some basic information about the OAP. The in vitro fertilization (IVF) process can be a long complex journey. The doctors and staff at RSC are all committed to making your journey as smooth and successful as possible. No two IVF treatment plans are ever identical. Please keep this in mind as you read this document.

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Remote IVF process

You likely learned about OAP one of two ways. You may have contacted our practice directly and we told you about OAP or your local OB-GYN told you about this unique program. Either way we are delighted to have the opportunity to serve you. Once your initial questions have been answered and you wish to enter the OAP you will be assigned a RSC physician and Case Manager (CM). An initial consultation visit will be scheduled at your convenience at one of our office locations. After meeting the doctor and other IVF team members as appropriate to answer all your questions you will make the decision about the best treatment option for you. If that option includes IVF you will be contacted by your CM to begin the IVF journey and a financial counselor to help navigate you through the financial aspects of your treatment plan. At this time your CM will also contact the local office that will be providing monitoring and other services local to where you live. A calendar of your IVF cycle will be provided to you and the monitoring office by your CM.

Your RSC physician is responsible for your IVF treatment not the local monitoring office. All treatment orders will be made by your RSC physician. Any questions you have about your care should be asked of your RSC physician or NCM. Please note that RSC is open every day of the year to field your questions and monitor your IVF treatment plan. RSC physicians and nursing staff rotate through a complex schedule in order to cover all aspects of the practice. You may meet different RSC providers as you progress through the various aspects of your IVF care.

Once your IVF treatment plan has been developed, your CM will coordinate all services to be provided by the monitoring office. These services can include injection and medication classes, ultrasound studies and blood work if provided on site. The results of all these will be communicated back to your RSC physician. The goal of the OAP is to allow you to not have to return to an RSC office for any care prior to your egg retrieval procedure. Unfortunately your care may require that you return to see your RSC physician for a pre-operative visit in anticipation of your retrieval, unexpected complications, or due to the local monitoring office’s inability to provide a needed service on a specific date. We will do everything in our power to minimize these events.

Once monitoring is completed you will be scheduled for your egg retrieval at our San Ramon office and 3-6 days following that the embryo transfer. After that you will return to the monitoring office for follow up.

Please note that depending on your particular IVF cycle your partner may need to visit our San Ramon office for sperm collection services prior to your egg retrieval.

Male partner

Your husband or partner is welcome and encouraged to accompany you during your visits to our offices. He may need to provide a semen sample on the day of egg retrieval. Ideally your partner should also be present for the embryo transfer to participate in the final decision regarding the number of embryos to transfer. No matter what your circumstance you will be required to have someone drive you home after the egg retrieval AND embryo transfer procedures.

Consent forms

Consent forms will be provided to you by your CM. The forms must be completed and returned to RSC before treatment begins.

Financial matters

RSC and the monitoring office are separate business entities. Each provides services and each will set and maintain their own service fee schedules. Billing and collection policies are also separate. An RSC Financial Counselor will provide you with an estimate of IVF cycle costs after checking your insurance benefits (if any) and a treatment plan from your physician. You will receive periodic statements of account activities.

The monitoring office will provide you with similar information.


Payments to RSC are due at time of service according to the financial agreement we will provide you. Payments can be made by cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover or AMEX. If you wish to pay by personal check payment must be made at least 10 business days in advance of your egg retrieval.


Egg retrieval/embryo transfer location

All egg retrieval and embryo transfers take place at our San Ramon location.

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