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Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area patients often share with us what our doctors, staff and services have meant to them. Some of their testimonials appear below, sharing why they chose RSC and how the center’s support and infertility treatment helped them in their journey to parenthood.

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Tries their best to help make everything possible as if we were family

Everyone really cares and tries their best to help make everything possible as if we are family. I really appreciate it. We have Valerie and Dr. Rosenbluth, and they are very caring. It will be very hard to find anyone to match them. 🙂

From our patient survey

Just delivered a boy and a girl and we couldn’t be happier

Having a family was more important to me than passing on my genes to my children. The decision to use donor eggs after one IVF cycle resulting in two miscarriages was a logical and fairly easy decision for me and I was happy to have the support of my husband.

I was only 38 years old when I realized that my eggs were not all great, and of course, I did have a little grieving to do when this happened. But I knew that if I went with a donor egg cycle that I would become pregnant. So when I made the decision it was a relief. I felt like my biological clock was no longer ticking, and that I could relax and get rid of a lot of anxiety that I had over the time constraints. I could take a break and go back to my normal life for a while because I was no longer using “aging” eggs.

We did a donor cycle once, and it was just a bit more expensive than if I were to use my own eggs, but of course the odds of a successful pregnancy were so much greater that it was worth the extra money. We just delivered a boy and a girl and we couldn’t be happier. They are my babies, I was pregnant with them and now I am nursing and taking care of them. When I’m with them, I don’t even think about the fact that they don’t have my genes.


They continue their education to learn more about the fertility field

Fertility treatments are not a one-size-fits-all, and RSC doctors and staff know this. RSC doctors and staff are incredibly responsive, and I love that they continue their education to learn more about the fertility field. And for this, they keep pushing science and finding different ways of treatment if one doesn’t work. This way they’re able to gather data for their patients and can continue to treat and find alternatives.

From our patient survey

I know I am in good hands when I’m there

Every person I encounter at RSC is just wonderful. They are friendly and take the time to explain what is happening each step of the way. They know their stuff and work as a team. I know I am in good hands when I’m there.

From our patient survey

Thank you for helping the dream of a family become a reality

Dr. Wachs and staff, thank you for helping the dream of a family become a reality. I now have two healthy, vibrant little boys and my life overflows with love, diapers, laughter, tears, and joy. You have made me a better woman by allowing me the gift of motherhood. Thank you.


This team never disappoints

The team puts care and attention to detail into check-ins and the care regimen. I’m huge on clear communication and customer service, and this team never disappoints. IVF is already stressful, and the simple fact that you don’t have the added stress of chasing down responses or having more questions after instructions are given is just perfect.

From our patient survey

Everyone was kind and welcoming

Everyone was kind and welcoming. Explained everything along the way in a way that was easy to understand.

From our patient survey

Outstanding leadership and skillfulness

We are ecstatic to announce that our baby boy arrived in this world healthy, active and happy, and that our family of three is now doing great. This would have been impossible without all of your outstanding leadership and skillfulness. We are so happy about all the right decisions that you made during our process. You [Dr. Deborah Wachs] recommended that we just transfer one of the two good embryos to maximize the chances of having a healthy baby, and you did the transfer after seven days and not six. No doubt, there have been many other decisions by you, and fine details, that contributed to our success. We will never forget that you said that we were in your dream the night before during one of our visits! It’s so nice. We can’t wait to bring our son over to you and your team and take some photos, and to just be together with you again for a short time. We shall forever remain in your debt for bringing the ultimate joy into our lives. We greatly appreciate the outstanding support from your team at RSC.
Best Regards,

S. and R.

Dr. Reid is so attentive

Very professional and caring. Dr. Reid is so attentive to her patients.

From our patient survey

We have recommended all our friends who are struggling with infertility to Dr. Rosenbluth

We have had such a great experience with RSC from the beginning. The staff is so friendly in a time when you are going through something so stressful. We love Dr. Rosenbluth and he has been informative, helpful and lets us know our next steps. We have recommended all our friends who are struggling with infertility to him!

From our patient survey

You’ve been the answer to our prayers

Dear Dr. Weckstein, my heart cannot express how grateful we are to you and your team for helping us through the IVF process last year. Our dream has come true and now our son is here. You’ve been the answer to our prayers and I know God chose you to do IVF for us. Before I had my first appointment with you and talked about other options, I had seen another doctor in San Francisco but I said no to him. But then I met you, I was impressed and felt you were the doctor for me. Your caring attitude and gentleness have been greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for everything you did for us. God bless you and your team.

Elena and Darrell Mulligan

Treated me with kindness every time

I’ve always felt comfortable at RSC. The staff seems to understand what a vulnerable position women are in when they come there and they treated me with kindness every time.

From our patient survey

Very professional, knowledgeable, personable and patient

Dr. Hinckley is beyond amazing! Very professional, knowledgeable, personable, patient and what I love the most about her is that she doesn’t push us in any way, she explains us all the options with pros and cons and let’s us decide what we are comfortable with.

From our patient survey

Being with my partner, and being able to have kids is the greatest thing ever

Being with my partner, and being able to have kids is the greatest thing ever. We have been together for five years. So we decided that we wanted to have a baby together. So I (Shannon) got artificially inseminated, and we had twins! A baby boy and a baby girl. The perfect family! I feel that my life is complete, there is nothing else I could want more …

Shannon and Lena

Dr. Weckstein is fantastic

The entire staff is very professional, and Dr. Weckstein is fantastic. He takes time to put patients at ease and answer questions.

From our patient survey

Dr. Deborah Wachs was amazing

After one year of trying to get pregnant we started doing some standard testing in a hospital. I felt misunderstood and treated like a number. Long story short, in a series of painful tests, we did not get any answers.

We then came to RSC. Dr. Deborah Wachs was amazing, reassuring, and human. Since I was still young, we tried a laparoscopy first and gave it another six months to get pregnant naturally. As it did not work, we moved to IUI and after two unsuccessful IUIs we finally decided to do IVF. The IVF worked and now we have two (yes twins!) wonderful, cute little boys.

The team at RSC was very professional and kind through this experience that can be difficult when you see your entourage getting pregnant so easy. We are extremely grateful for our little miracles.

Caroline F.


What an amazing team… if one word could describe RSC it would be perseverance!!!!


Everyone one is professional and well educated

My doctor believed me from the beginning and it let me to believe in myself that I’ll be a mom. She always had solution for every situation. My case manager was no less than amazing. Everyone one is professional and well educated. I know my Husband and I will make it. Thank you all in RSC.

From our patient survey

Thrilled with our experience

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience at RSC. Dr. Hinckley and her team were there every step of the way. The process can be so overwhelming, but RSC was there to relieve a lot of that stress. We appreciate the service we were provided and can’t wait for our next transfer/baby!

Kim J.

Above and beyond

Kacey, my case manager, has gone above and beyond in advocating for me with my insurance company.

From our patient survey

It has been a pleasure

We are just beginning our journey with RSC but for the beginning stages it has been a pleasure working with Dr. Hinckley and the staff at RSC.

From our patient survey

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us achieve our dream in becoming a family. We will never forget what you have done for us and the kindness you have shown us through it all. You are family.


Incredibly professional and kind

I had never had surgery before and the experience was surprisingly pleasant and painless. The people who helped me were incredibly professional and kind. Everything went as well as it could have.

From our patient survey

The staff is so friendly

The office at RSC San Ramon runs so smoothly. Everything seems organized, you’re seen quickly but don’t feel rushed. The staff is so friendly and kind and the Drs are great.

From our patient survey

My medical team turned a potentially overwhelming maze into a wonderful experience

I was elated to know that gestational surrogacy was an option for my husband and me. I felt tremendously confident that my doctors at RSC would lead my surrogate and I on our incredible journey. My medical team turned a potentially overwhelming maze into a wonderful experience for my family AND for my gestational surrogate. Now I have two fantastic babies that are 100 percent genetically ours!

Kristen (thrilled mother of a boy and girl twins)

Dr. Weckstein he listened to my concerns

Had a phone counsel with Dr Weckstein who listened to my concerns very patiently and did not rush. When ever I have asked something on patient portal I have got a response very fast. Would specially like to thank Dr. Weckstein, Laura, Kayla and Amanda for taking such good care of me.

From our patient survey

Amazing team

The doctor and medical assistant were great. The ultrasound technicians and phlebotomist were amazing.

Adriana Irizarry

Thorough and attentive

Dr. Hinckley was phenomenal. She was thorough and attentive.

From our patient survey

Your kind words gave me so much confidence

Dear Dr. Weckstein,

Thank you for the overall management of my case. I had a wonderful experience. I appreciated every phone call. Trust me, I know it is not easy to remember us all and call between your cases. Your kind words aside from the usual medical facts gave me so much confidence and trust in your judgment. Your gentle mannerism made my experience easier.

Your exceptional leadership is visible in the staff. There was not a single person that I came across that I did not want involved in managing my case – I am aware this does not happen by chance. Congratulations on assembling/training and working with such an amazing group of people.


A pleasure to work with

The clinicians are nice and gentle. Dr. Wachs and Dr. Homer have been a pleasure to work with as they communicate well and educate why things are done and how. I appreciate the kindness of the staff too. The ultrasound tech / medical assistance / and lab techs are nice and introduce themselves.

From our patient survey

Prepared and professional

Dr. Rosenbluth was prepared and professional. I really appreciate the references to the literature. My nurse, Jen, also called me to introduce herself and help coordinate next steps and has been extremely responsive to all emails. We’ve previously been connected with a couple other clinics and this was the first time that our nurse reached out by phone.

From our patient survey

Today we are enjoying the most beautiful baby girl

Since the tragic event that took the lives of our only two children, we thought we may never be parents again. But, with the encouragement and guidance from Dr. Weckstein and the staff at Reproductive Science Center, we were able to have a successful in vitro fertilization. Today we are enjoying the most beautiful baby girl. We are so happy and thankful.

Bob and Carmen Pack

Overall amazing

Everyone was is so kind, comforting, available to answer questions, and overall amazing!

From our patient survey

Personalized and meticulous care

Dr. Weckstein, we would like to thank you for the personalized and meticulous care you took in helping us create a family. This past January, we gave birth to our son and our lives have never been the same! We hope to have the opportunity to introduce him to you and the wonderful RSC San Ramon staff. From the ladies at the front desk to the phlebotomists, everyone made each visit a pleasant one and we always felt we were in the best hands. Thank you again Dr. Weckstein!

The Smiths

Clarity, kindness, and consistency

I have interacted with many IVF clinics from this coast to the east and I have been at a lost for words regarding the lack of care, transparency and clarity. From the moment I spoke with Rodrigo in the first time appointment department (Or whatever it’s called). I was sure this was my last stop in the hunt for the right place to start this beautiful journey. Since then every single person from every single department has been absolutely amazing, from clarity, kindness, and consistency. I really am shocked! We will be only working with this clinic for all of my IVF needs.

From our patient survey

So helpful in answering all my questions

I felt like everything has been so organized on how they make sure they email you right away when you have a question or concern. I felt the doctor was really nice and so helpful in answering all my questions and she gave me a lot of information.

From our patient survey

RSC has been a gift

RSC has been a gift. People are so kind and helpful, and have gone above and beyond to make my IVF experience comfortable.

From our patient survey 

Perfect family of four

Hi Valeri,

Thank you so much for reaching out. The news was really difficult last week. There were a lot of points I expected that cycle to nosedive … but fertilization wasn’t one of them. That really took us off guard. But I’m glad we did the cycle and got the answer to “what if?” I’m honestly glad the answer is so definitive; we’re absolutely perfect as a family of 4.

It’s a significant transition to go from trying to build a family for so long to just being a family. We’ve had some hard losses along the way but we’ve also had the BIGGEST wins of my life. It feels good to finally cross the finish line. There is real peace in knowing the fertility treatments are finally over and we can move forward just pouring love  into these little boys.​

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have had your support. It means the world to me knowing how much you care. You’ve truly been an EXCELLENT nurse and friend through it all and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.​

I hope you go on to care for lots more families like ours. Like I told Dr. Rosenbluth, I hope you still keep getting the hard cases. The slam dunks can go anywhere but the cases like ours require another level of medical care and compassion and you most certainly have that. We are so very, very grateful to have had you on our team.​



You have profoundly changed my life

Dear Dr. Reid, Adriana, Kessia, Sandra, Rachael, CeCe and the entire RSC team,

My beautiful, incredible, inspiring daughter is here!! She arrived early on Jan 27. We had a couple health hiccups (NICU for jaundice, then weight loss and feeding challenges), but she is back on track and growing healthy now. I am exhausted and sleep-deprived and overjoyed beyond words. My son is thrilled to be a big brother and adjusting well.

I am dumbstruck with awe at this miracle in the combination of science, spirituality and dedicated people like each of you that helped bring her here. She literally started out as a teensy microscopic speck last May while we all chewed Starbursts and I hoped and dreamed with every fiber of my being … and then she somehow grew into this whole hungry, feisty person who is now in my world (and who came out of my vagina! OMG another crazy fact I’m still processing!).

You each and together have profoundly changed my life and I am so deeply grateful. My entire sense of self and way of relating to the world is suddenly shifting because of her and because of your important work. I just wanted to share the good news and a few photos. I am filled with gratitude and fullness for life’s gifts.

With deepest appreciation,


We want to thank youPatient Testimonials | RSC Bay Area

We want to thank Dr. Sgarlata and all of the staff at the San Jose and San Ramon offices. After two rounds of IVF we have our beautiful baby boy. I was 44 when I started fertility treatments and 45 when I gave birth.

Dr. Sgarlata spent countless hours explaining to my husband and me all of the details of the IVF process and talking to us about all of the pros and cons. Dr. Sgarlata is a very knowledgeable, sensitive and patient man. If I had to offer any advice, it would be to trust your doctor.

Olga W.



Very open and honest

Yes, I adore everyone especially Dr. Weckstein! He is very knowledgeable and very open and honest. I appreciate his honesty.

From our patient survey 

I cannot imagine going anywhere else

To Dr. Wachs, Dr. Sgarlata, Patti Roberts, Patti Smith, Laura, Krista (embryologist lady) and the whole RSC Staff,

I wanted to thank you Dr. Wachs for your medical expertise and attentiveness. You are so amazing at what you do! I am sure you work with so many different personalities.

Your staff including, Dr. Sgarlata are all wonderful. I survived the egg retrieval that Dr. Sgarlata did. An egg retrieval is so not fun, and the staff in San Ramon were so great, I could not ask for better medical attention and compassion. I must have been asked many times if I was ok and if I needed anything. The nurse even put my glasses on after the procedure because she knows I am blind and I would feel nervous waking up without them.

I remember I had a lot of pain after in the evening, and when I called the 24 hour number I was advised on what to do and felt at ease. Another time I called and Dr. Sgarlata answered and he really helped me out. Having the 24 hour number to call and the emails with the nurses was a great support system.

Going through this process is not easy and you all as a team gave my husband and I tons of information and the training on the shots that Patti Roberts did was very helpful. We had a one on one training for the progesterone shots too. My husband is now an expert.

I am now 11 weeks preggo at age 41, on the first transfer and had only one healthy (PGS, genetically tested) embryo and it worked. I didn’t even think it would work because I am such a realist. To my surprise it did and I felt very sick the first 2.5 months. You and your staff advised me on what to do and what to eat, and gave me some great nausea meds. I feel much better now.

Even if the transfer did not work, I would still be writing this letter.

I cannot even count all the people and things that made my husband and I comfortable. I cannot imagine going anywhere else. I feel like my friends’ experiences were not as good as mine and they had several attempts with many troubles.

I like the fact that you use acupuncture along with your practice. I love Nurture and they have been extremely helpful and are passionate at what they do. I like how they know everything about the process and I don’t have to explain. I go in there and say I feel nauseous, headachy and I am dizzy and Oh, my body temperature is all over the place. They put me at ease and tell me “it’s normal, it comes with the package and eat some pickles and rest.” At least I don’t feel like I am the only one who feels these symptoms.

You are all so wonderful with so many talents and have a very important job. Who can say that they help bring life into the world as a job? Thank you again for all that you have done.

Our baby journey begins in February!



You were all so helpful, encouraging, sweet, & informative

Dear Dr. Wachs, I want to thank you and everyone at RSC from the front desk ladies to all the nurses and doctors who helped us through our IVF experience. You were all so helpful, encouraging, sweet, and informative throughout everything. As intimidating of an experience as it was at times, you all made it very easy and manageable. We’re happy to say we are having a healthy baby boy! We’ll be sure to send pictures once he arrives. Thank you again.



Dr. Rosenbluth and staff are outstanding as always!

From our patient survey 

This staff is doing great things

I wanted to share my story of the most difficult decision that I had to make regarding infertility. I was referred to the Reproductive Science Center by my gynecologist. I live in an area where travel is necessary to find help regarding these issues. My husband and I had a consultation with Dr. Evan Rosenbluth. Right from the start I felt comfortable, as though I knew I would be in good hands. Dr. Rosenbluth spent time discussing procedures, explaining techniques and options with us.

He really took the time to talk me through all the questions I had, as well as answering some (I did know at the time) I would need to know later. His experience is apparent. He also has a great sense of humor and warmth about him.

After doing the required testing on both my spouse and I, the choices for us were IVF or tubal reversal surgery. I had the most difficult time deciding what would be the best option for us. This is where the team at Reproductive Science Center came to my rescue.

The nurse assigned to me, Jennifer, was amazing in talking me through my fears and answering my questions.

My account specialist, Barbara was quick with responses to my questions about costs and very patient with me. This was very important because most of my conversations were via email and phone.

Dr. Rosenbluth called me several times to help me through this decision. Due to the fact that I really could do either treatment I was on the fence, “so to speak,” on what was best for me and my body. He brought this to attention at a meeting with all of his colleagues in order to give me all the best information from all the best people to help my decision. This was so helpful.

Ultimately, I had to make a decision and I chose tubal reversal surgery. Now, I am not a fan of any surgery, so I had a lot of anxiety.

The day of my surgery: right from the start I felt comfortable, the nurses were so calm and friendly, the surgery room was warm and weirdly inviting. The anesthesiologist spoke with me and was informative and very friendly. Everything was explained to me very clearly and everything happened just as they said it would. I met everyone that would come in contact with me that day.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Rosenbluth and Dr. Mary Hinckley. This was an amazing experience. Both Dr.’s are so experienced. Most importantly they were actually excited to be doing this!

My humble opinion is; when someone loves their careers and is excited to be doing what they do, that just screams success! The surgery went very well, no complications. I just had my post-op appointment and I am told that everything looks healed and in a few weeks we can start trying to have our baby. I am so grateful to the team and particularly Dr. Rosenbluth for caring about me personally, taking the time to give me the best information possible, and most importantly, loving what he does.

This staff is doing great things. Thank you.

From our patient survey 

Successful pregnancy with donor eggs

We are overjoyed to be the parents of our newborn son, made possible by the expert and kind assistance of the RSC team and an incredibly generous (and anonymous) egg donor matched with us by RSC. As an older mom who had experienced multiple miscarriages after the birth our first child, we wanted to pursue the path that would bring a healthy child to us as quickly as possible – and that was donor egg. Through the initial consultations, decision making, donor matching, and medical procedures, we had the information and assistance we needed from RSC for a successful pregnancy. We will be eternally grateful for the miracle of our newest family member!


Thank you so much

I feel very comfortable with the people at RSC . They are all very nice especially Dr. Hinckley and Shanda who walked me through the entire process. They are making me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much!

From our patient survey 

We will surely be return customers when the time comes

Dear Dr. Wachs, we can never thank you enough for the most precious gift in the world, our little daughter. We are SOO grateful to you every single day for your persistence in making our dreams come true. We never would have guessed that taking a few little pills could yield such an amazing result. Thank you for also being so comforting and reassuring when I had spotting early on. Your reassurance helped get us though that scary time.

We will surely be return customers when the time comes, and we will be referring anyone we know who has difficulty conceiving. You are an amazing doctor and person. Thank you so much for everything you do and have done for us!

Sincerely yours,

Laura R.


The patient care and communication was exceptional!! I’ve worked and been in multiple surgery settings before this, you all exceeded them all down to the very last warm blanket and lidocaine spray detail.

From our patient survey 

They gave us hope of becoming parents

We were married only six months when my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Our world changed in an instant. Our dream was always to start a family and instantly this diagnosis complicated that plan. The doctors gave him two weeks to preserve sperm for future use as his intense chemo treatments would leave him sterile.

We were blessed. Christophe beat the cancer and we started getting back on our feet. We knew we wanted to start our family.

We were referred to Dr. Louis Weckstein at RSC. Right away we felt comfortable with RSC. They were patient, understanding, kind and gave us lots of hope of becoming parents. They held our hands and answered our questions during every step of the process.

Through IVF using frozen sperm, our son Colin was born June 2008. Our second son Quentin was born September 2010 via a frozen embryo transfer.

We feel so blessed for the many miracles in our lives – beating cancer and making our dream of becoming parents a reality.

We are so grateful for RSC and Dr. Weckstein. They gave us the best gifts ever – our beautiful sons.

Kerry, Christophe, Colin & Quentin Job

My doctors treated us with warmth and put us at ease right away

After being diagnosed with mild endometriosis, thyroid problems, and PCOS … After a miscarriage, numerous medication changes, and two laparoscopies … After consulting with many reproductive endocrinologists and dealing with years of infertility …

Fate lead us to RSC and our miracle baby girl. Everything about RSC seemed right for us from the get-go. They were very responsive, extremely patient with our endless questions, and most importantly – offered an incomparable shared risk program that we just could not pass up! Their many convenient office locations were also lifesavers for us during our busy workweeks.

My doctors treated us with warmth and put us at ease right away – I felt such a sense of security around them, at times it seemed like I had known them for years! I was also able to laugh through some of the most nerve wracking moments with them during our IVF cycle – this is something money can’t buy … As for the staff members, they always gave 110 percent and made us feel like we were part of the family. I can never forget RSC for what they gave us during one of the lowest, most stressful times in our lives. I am so grateful …


Absolutely wonderful

RSC has been absolutely wonderful – the staff in both clinics have been great (San Ramon + Los Gatos) and all the communications have been timely.

From our patient survey 

Well taken care of by my healthcare team

I feel well taken care of by my healthcare team! It’s nice to know they’ve got my back!

From our patient survey 

Thank you and your staff for your tremendous skill

Dr. Hinckley, thank you and your staff for your tremendous skill in performing our IVF treatment. On February 7, 2009, we were blessed with two beautiful, healthy twins: a girl and boy (Dacia was 4.10 lbs. and Dante 4.6)

Your talent and caring manner throughout our three procedures was greatly appreciated. You are truly a life giver. As we prepare to leave California this summer, we could not leave without acknowledging what you have done to help us start the family we have always prayed for. Thank you again.

Phoebe and Melvin

Words will never be able to express the level of love we feel

When my husband and I first came to RSC, we were broken and desperate. We had both wanted children our whole lives, and felt completely incomplete without a family of our own. Nothing we had tried so far had worked.

Then we came to RSC. We were very nervous and scared, but when we sat down with Dr. Weckstein we quickly began to feel like somebody understood what we were going through. His compassion and expertise made us feel more confident in our chances of having a family. We felt something we hadn’t felt in a very long time … hope and excitement!

When our first IVF procedure did not result in pregnancy we were devastated, but determined to try again. The second time around, though, we had success!

Nine months later we found ourselves sitting in my hospital room, holding our beautiful babies! We had twins, a boy and a girl! We had never before experienced such euphoria. Words will never be able to express the level of love we feel for our precious little bundles of joy. We will always be forever grateful to Dr. Weckstein, nurse Ivonne, and all the other staff at RSC.

Our lives are so rich today because of our beautiful children. We are so very happy and feel so lucky to have had the experience we did. Thank you, RSC!!!

Katie and Mike Budil

Listen to Katie’s interview on KKIQ Radio:

The level of service provided by the entire staff was warm and comforting

Each one of our experiences at Reproductive Science Center was wonderful. Dr. Willman was exceptional, and the level of service provided by the entire staff was warm and comforting. Thanks to their guidance, passion and assistance, we’ve successfully added three children to our family, which is a dream come true for us. We’ve recommended RSC to our friends & family, and if we were ever planning on having another child, we’d definitely come back again.

Cat and Jennifer Cora

Thank you doesn’t seem to quite be enough

I’m sure you get more of these than you can count – and thank you doesn’t seem to quite be enough, but just wanted to pass along that you can officially put us in the success column – one remarkably normal pregnancy and one wonderfully healthy and beautiful (or at least her parents think so) baby girl born on Tuesday. Also pass our appreciation and thanks along to the lab and staff.  We feel beyond lucky to have had success our first round of IVF but know that it was not luck, but also a great team working together behind the scenes that made it possible.

From our patient survey

The dedication and professionalism of the staff there is second to none

I wanted to personally thank you and the whole team at RSC for making our dream of becoming parents a reality. The dedication and professionalism of the staff there is second to none. Please ensure you pass on our gratitude to Dr. Hinckley. Maybe we will see you again soon!!

From our patient survey