Free Infertility Counseling by Organic Conceptions

The Organic Conceptions infertility counseling and emotional support program helps RSC patients deal with the root emotions that drive infertility anxiety & stress

We know that infertility, fertility treatment and all the underlying emotions from the experience can create stress and anxiety in individuals and couples. Research shows that levels of depression in infertility patients are comparable to those diagnosed with cancer.

The most effective strategy to combat these difficult emotions is professional infertility counseling. That’s why Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay (RSC) has made such fertility support available to all our patients – and staff members – through Organic Conceptions’ cognitive-behavioral-therapy program.

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Organic Conceptions

About Organic Conceptions fertility counseling

Organic Conceptions was founded by a couple who experienced infertility and its emotional stressors. They had a difficult time finding infertility-specific mental health support. Now their counseling program offers just that, helping patients through the common emotional stages of infertility to achieve better reproductive health and fertility treatment outcomes.


For RSC patients: free Organic Conceptions benefits

  • Lifetime membership to Organic Conceptions.
  • Access to courses, an online community of support and live group coaching.
  • A quality of life and emotional health professional assessment.
  • Confidential, individualized analysis and guidance recommendations for every aspect of a patient’s infertility journey.

Organic Conceptions fertility counseling principles: guide, educate, support

Research-based guidance

The Organic Conceptions approach is based in neurology and psychology to guide patients to recognize and address the emotional barriers to conception. Counselors evaluate where each patient is in the fertility journey and what they have experienced to better guide the individual on the right path.

Individual online courses

Patients have access to cognitive-behavioral-therapy courses that give them powerful and simple tools to gain coping skills. Organic Conceptions members learn through a variety of self-paced, online courses and learning modules, such as:

  • Labels & Diagnosis: So Now What?
  • True Self-Care to Reduce Stress.
  • Thriving in the Thick of Your Treatment.

Learning is done at the individual’s own pace, with no set time limit on completing courses.

Live online group coaching

Support is geared to coach patients and guide them through practice so they can take back control of their infertility-based emotions. Live online group coaching sessions address topics like:

  • Overcoming Self-Doubt.
  • Journaling for Fertility.
  • Getting to the Root of Your Beliefs.

Mindset coaching (individual & group sessions available)

Our coaching approach, individually and in groups, is based on mindset coaching. This approach seeks to understand the patterns of patients’ thinking that prevent them from doing what it is they desire. Patients might know what they want to do, as in not letting stress from infertility cause depression, but don’t know how to break out of thought habits that stop them from making that change.

Mindset coaching uses our counselors’ skills in therapeutics and neuroscience. The goal is to reprogram and move beyond long-held beliefs and behaviors that hold patients back from their goals. This coaching seeks to help patients make a fundamental mental change for lasting success.

Emotional support helps patients stick with infertility treatment

What happens when stress and anxiety overwhelm infertility patients? They abandon the very treatments that can bring them the family and emotional relief they seek. This is a common occurrence among those who seek infertility treatment.

Many RSC patients want help managing the stress and anxiety of infertility treatment, from individuals to couples to LGBTQ+ patients. But the healthcare system and insurers don’t often make access to counseling readily available, particularly access to counselors specially trained in fertility concerns.

Our practice subsidizes the Organic Conceptions program so it’s free to our patients, enabling them to break out of that cycle of starting treatment then giving up due to stress. The Organic Conceptions program helps patients get to the root of unproductive emotions related to fertility and provides tools for processing the pain to move toward a more positive, productive outlook.

A message from RSC’s Dr. Mary Hinckley and Organic Conceptions Co-Founder Marc Sherman

Organic Conceptions for RSC clinic staff: equipping our team for emotional support

Organic Conceptions also provides a program for RSC’s fertility clinic staff to help them better understand the mental and emotional challenges our patients face. For everyone from our front desk team to lab technicians, the program offers educational modules that guide our people on how best to work and communicate with fertility patients. This enhances the compassionate and empathetic care we strive to provide each patient.

It also helps keep our staff members strong, because dealing with infertility from a care perspective comes with its own emotional toll. Emotional support for our care team helps keep us in a good frame of mind, supporting ourselves and our patients.

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