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Dr. Evan Rosenbluth | RSC Bay Area FertilityDr. Evan Rosenbluth joined Reproductive Science Center in 2012. He is board certified in Endocrinology and Infertility, and Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Rosenbluth is world-renowned for his award-winning research studying genes that affect endometrial gland formation as well as non-invasive methods for determining embryo implantation potential (developing biopsy-free methods for selecting healthy embryos). He serves as a member of the Society of Reproductive Endocrinologists, American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. His interests include polycystic ovary syndrome, robotic fertility-sparing surgery and fertility treatment for people with disabilities and the LGBT community. Dr. Rosenbluth loves photography, traveling and, most importantly, spending time with his family. He feels fortunate to be surrounded by a collegial team of physicians, who work together using cutting-edge technology to deliver successful outcomes to his patients.
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Zika Virus and Your Pregnancy


Many RSCBA patients are in the process of conceiving or have recently become pregnant and vacation season is coming up. Dr. Rosenbluth offers advice about traveling to areas affected by the virus and the potential risks of being infected.

The (Big) Difference Between One & Two


By Dr. Evan Rosenbluth – Having recently moved to the Bay Area, I am often asked about the differences in protocols for treating infertility at other centers across the United States. Simply put, the most notable variation comes down to the decision between one and two – embryos, that is.