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Patient Story | Woman Freezes Eggs

Freezing Eggs - Generating Hope and Suspending Time

Egg freezing provides hope and preserves options for a working professional woman, who then found hope and support at RSCBA while confronting fertility challenges with her partner.
Dayy & James announcing the news of their "million dollar baby"

Heartbreak and Healing, IVF and a Miracle

After years of saving for IVF, when Dayy and James found out that his insurance would cover fertility treatments they relied on the doctors and staff at RSC to help them get pregnant.
Single Mother IVF | RSC Bay Area

Single Mother IVF: RSC Makes Dreams a Reality

By Monique The people of RSC were amazing, nurturing, and caring folks who honestly want to create families. They understood that families come in many forms, including same-sex and choice mom families like my own. I have always dreamt of being a mother and started considering single motherhood after decades of unsuccessful relationships. I was … Continued
IVF Patient Story | RSC Bay Area

Three IUIs, Two IVF Procedures and a Baby Girl

By Jessica & Jason When my husband and I met with Dr. Susan Willman, we knew we had found a doctor who was compassionate, but equally skilled, professional and, most importantly to us, honest. I wanted to start the diagnosis and treatment process immediately. My husband and I started our baby adventures in 2010. We … Continued
Donation & Surrogacy | Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area

After IUI & IVF, Surrogacy Key To Family Success

Sarah and Nathan decided to move forward with surrogacy where the Keeneys’ frozen embryo would be implanted into another woman’s uterus to carry the pregnancy to term.
Dr. Hinckley joins Melanie and the rest of "Team Mel" at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Walnut Creek. June 20, 2015.

Facing Infertility & Cancer, Mom Has No Time For A Pity Party

"When you’re faced with something, whether it’s infertility, cancer or the scare of potentially becoming infertile from treatment, you have to plan and get ahead of it."

Secondary Infertility and Parenthood Through Frozen Donor Egg

Joel and Maria tried many treatments to get pregnant without success. After trying frozen donor egg treatment with Donor Egg Bank USA, their family went from 3 to 4 with the birth of baby Alba.

Persistence Prevails

As it nears my daughter’s first birthday, I can only be reminded of the hardship I endured to reach this milestone. She is the blessing and gift I never thought I would have in my life.
healthcare and medical concept - doctor with patients in cabinet

Difficult Decision Made with Guidance

Right from the start I felt comfortable, as though I knew I would be in good hands. Dr. Rosenbluth spent time discussing procedures, explaining techniques and options with us.

A Twin Mom's Post Infertility Survivor Guilt

"It still startles me that people make babies with sex. Privately. Easily. Fast. Strange as it sounds, I feel more changed by the trials of infertility than by the transition to parenting."

Triumph Over Tragedy – Becoming A Mother Again

In 2003, Carmen was taking a walk with her children, when a drunk driver killed both. Devastated, Carmen and her husband fought through, and knew they wanted to become parents again.
Egg Donation Stories | RSC Bay Area

Why I Chose to Donate My Eggs: One Woman’s Story

“Seeing how many couples are affected by infertility truly opened my eyes. I saw what they were going through, and my heart ached for them,” Sarah says.

IVF Discount Program Makes Dreams Of Family Possible

In her 20s and diagnosed with PCOS, one woman overcomes infertility and financial adversity to achieve her lifelong dream of parenthood.

Kim's Rebound From Breast Cancer

How one couple transformed the shock of a cancer diagnosis into a different kind of family planning.
The Job family in 2011

Preserving Fertility Before Chemotherapy

When Christophe Job was diagnosed with Lymphoma, he and his wife Kerry were determined not to give up their dream of having a family of their own.