Press Releases

Twins Double the Trouble for Families Seeking Healthy Pregnancies

At Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area (RSCBA), in 2013 more than 61 percent of patients under 35 years old used single embryo transfer (SET). In the four years since the clinic began asking their patients to consider SET as a first option, RSCBA was able to cut twin pregnancies by 47 percent.

Continuing Expansion, RSC Adds Seventh Doctor

Continuing an expansion of services to accommodate growing community needs, ReproductiveScience Center of the Bay Area (RSC) has added a seventh physician, reproductive endocrinologist Sara Reid, MD.

Bay Area's First IVF Children Having Their Own

When Brian Strickland and his wife Melissa give birth to their first child later this year, Brian will join the ranks of a small minority of Americans who represent the “test tube” generation as parents.

RSC Physician Wins Research Award

Dr. Evan Rosenbluth of Reproductive Science Center has received an “In-Training Award for Research” presented by ASRM for his work that utilizes non-invasive techniques to detect genetic defects and live birth potential of human embryos.

New San Jose Fertility Clinic

The largest infertility practice in the East Bay, the Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area (RSC), is pleased to announce its new expanded San Jose location as of January 20.